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  1. I hope you'll keep your promise and post a picture a week for atleast 6 months, that's atleast 24 pictures.
  2. No, it did not work for me. I'd always be skeptical about science that isn't tested.
  3. june 11th, july 11th, august 11th, september 11th. Can you post pictures before after each treatment?
  4. what is 'wangod'? A pale god? ;-)

    1. SuperMachii


      oh your so innocent.. you have to take it more literally than that.

    2. AuguriesofInnocence


      still pondering that one ;-)

  5. yes i believe it does since heat is an obvious acne trigger. but not for everyone, only for people with dormant acne, or acne prone skin, and only for people who have problems dealing with the heat, since their bodies might not cool down enough to deal with the heat.
  6. Look into the gaps diet: http://gapsdiet.com/ alsoo let me just add that homemade probiotics such as yogurt are far greater than store bought. also watch this: I wouldn't believe everything she says, some are more dramatic and exagerated, but mostly she is on point.
  7. It looks like to me, the damage is done. It could be worse. Imagine them sticking out of the pore. Imagine them not being black (aka more visible), then it would come off as really disgusting right? no.. yes.. well, the answer is you are a dramatic teenager, your eight-teen, that is not disgusting. If that's disgusting, then clogges pores, pimples, pustules, bump scars, pit scars, redmarks and dry flaky skin are about.. 5-10 times more disgusting. # 1: adjust your perception right away, no one c
  8. This is my current diet: no red meats (unless organic) no grains with gluten in them no high GI foods no dairy from cows, (im introducing goats milk) no processed foods no sugar loads of fruit salad vegetables fish nuts some grains but i still get some small spots! Why? are you consuming citrus fruits? salad dressing? what was your diet like prior to this current acne-filtered diet? what do you eat now? do you drink enough water, are you suffering from this summer heat in the east usa? do you g
  9. Of all the things to look out for.. in diet... grains are nowhere near the problem. in fact, if your diet is nice and balanced, I'd say eat grains and you still won't get acne. Excess sugar I'd say is possibly number 1, then maybe alcohol or highly processed carbs, processed milk, and fake fats and bad fats, and other imbalanced fat ratio food contents, etc. ---
  10. I'm also unsure of how long it takes to change the linoleic acid content in pores. I tried jojoba oil a few years back, it made sense when people said its the closest thing to sebum and blah blah. I would rub it on my nose and massage gently.. and the clogged pores would come out, but only the ones that were poking out and ready to come out.. would be rubbed out. But really, i didn't even need the oil to do that, I can rub those out easily without oil, just fingers alone. It must take a loooooo
  11. Let me tell you the answer: No, no one here has beaten blackheads. I think a few tried accutane and saw results but then when they stopped, I heard the blackheads came back. Topically 'treating' blackheads is basically useless, you can topically control blackheads maybe and perhaps reduce their appearance, but 'treatin', hell to the no.
  12. somehow found this thread from last year related to this linoleic acid thingies.. surprisingly the thread had no replies.. hmm. "- Evening Primrose Oil: Oleic Acid - 7.0%, Linoleic Acid - 74.2%. Very good for people with very oily and clogging-prone skin types." http://www.acne.org/...and-skin-sebum/
  13. The suggested grapeseed oil and safflower oil in this link below can be a possible solution to normalizing sebum. But of course I can't vouch for it. http://www.acne.org/...pical-solution/