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  1. I took Accutane for 7 months and after chapped lips, back pain and dry skin..., everywhere it completely cleared all my acne including the blackheads that covered my nose and chin. After I was done taking Accutane I stayed clear for about 3-4 months..., then I started to get a pimple..., then another and another. My face isn't as bad as it was before Accutance but I still have a unattractive amount of acne. I am the 1% that Accutane didn't work for, joy. I always knew I had unique skin because I
  2. I took Accutane for 7 months and it completely cleared all my acne including the blackheads that covered my nose and chin. After I was done taking Accutane I stayed clear for about 3-4 months..., then I started to get a pimple..., then another and another. My face isn't as bad as it was before Accutance but I still am braking out. I am the 1% that Accutane didn't work for, joy. I always knew I had unique skin because I had my first pimple in 3rd grade and had a whole face full in 4th grade. It d
  3. My Acne has been ok... but I have been picking A LOT! I just have been stressed for absolutely no reason! I'm pretty sure it's the Accutane that's making me feel this way. My Bacne is really good I've only seen 3 tiny blackheads on my back which I popped. I know I know I shouldn't pop zits. Acne stresses me out and so does school and other stuff that's why I pop. My side affects are the usual... tiny back aches and sore in the knees when I run but it's all good! ps: Watch America's Got Talent
  4. I'll just get to the point today: Skin: My face doesn't get dry if I apply moisterizer nightly. The on my upper arms has gone away... thank GOD! Acne: I have these weird small whiteheads that have a tiny hole in the center... it looks like a large not active blackhead. I tried to pop them because I let them be for a looooong time and they just stay on my face..., nice and cozy. THEY WON'T POP! So I gave up and I'm not picking them anymore but grrr they annoy me. Bacne: I have no idea
  5. Kenzi Jibba Jabber and Venting: I am sick :/ I skipped soccer today because I'm sick. My mom thinks I'm just tired she never believes that I'm sick when I tell her I'm sick. Don't you hate that?! I do. So when I said I wasn't going to soccer she said "what a waste of money" Its like holy crap I'm missing one day because my throut hurts soooooo bad and I cough every so often. Give me a break! Even in p.e. I was coughing up a storm but of coarse I guess I just have to be tough and deal with it.
  6. initial breakout.... when your skin breaks out then starts to get clear, after the breakout.
  7. Ran out if pills Friday :/ My appointment is on Friday to get more :/ I hope I dont breakout :/ Lab tomorrow? Maybe? They were sapposed to mail a card to my house but hasn't so I don't think I can get my lab tomorrow to test to see if I can take Accutane still... not that the test would accurate because i havn't been on accutane since Friday! Anyway... Skin: on the scale of 1-10 level 5 dry Acne: 1 active pimlpe on chin which is almost gone and a small pimple was on my cheek but flatt
  8. I have this thing, called a mom. Mom wouldn't let me go on the computer because it was too late. SO... I couldn't update my blog (so sorry) my life the past couple of days consisted of myself thinking, "why is it raining? bored bored bored. my skin itches. DON'T ITCH! wow my chin is dry. lips chapped, where did I put my chapstick? Dang it lost another chapstick *licks lips* I hope my face isn't too red" and so on.... Skin: Reddish tint on arms and face. Mainly*. Jaw line is super dry cheek
  9. Happy Easter!!! Remember today is about celebrating being forgiven for our sins.... NOT the Easter bunny. I went to the Melting Pot with my family, to celebrate Easter what did you do? Skin: Cheeks are a little dryer. My arms are itchy and have a red tint Acne: NO new active zits! Yipee! It seems like this 'tane is working way faster then it should...! I am NOT complaining though :] God Bless you... and you... and you (you get it) Beauty is Pain! <3
  10. AHHHH it's been 4 days but not until today there hasn't been any major changes! (Luckily! ) Acne: No active acne that I could see. On my ear I could feel a pimple. It hurts but it won't pop... I popped it once already and it hurts a little less but I know there's gross stuff in it still :/ If it didn't hurt I wouldn't touch it! On my right cheek there's pretty flat bumps that might become pimples. The blackheads on my chin are more like a blackhead that is not deep... <--- did that make s
  11. 19 days down! No jabber for today! Acne: On the left and right sides of my face are breaking out with whiteheads that havn't surfaced. Me picking them is not helping... I need to stop picking I was really good over the weekend... The temptation!!! Skin: Got a weird dry spot on my stomach? It looks weird I never had a dry spot there before -_- . My cheeks are dry/rough to the touch. Lips: I have a feeling peeling willoccur if I don't appky LIP BALM 24/7 Beauty is Pain nut it will b
  12. Acne: Very small bumps on forehead but they are not active. Not active bumps on my cheek but theiir still bumps :/ Skin: Around my nose is crusty my dry skin (I know TMI)! Skin is dry on cheeks, and forehead! I put cocoa butter vaseline on my skin and my skin already doesn't feel as itchy as it did before I put vaseline on my skkin. Vaseline is a old trick used to moisturize skin. Lips: When I brushed my teeth yesterday the left endge of my lip cracked! It hurt so bad. Today I have been
  13. SunshineKenzi

    Day 14

    Moderate like yours. I have no active ones now though because of accutane I'm sooo thankful!
  14. I am going to update my blog every other day from now on! No changes... At all! Am I boring you because I am boring myself. mini Kenzi Jibba Jabber: I had soccer camp today and after a hour and thirty minutes of playing soccer my back started to ache. When I sat in my Dad's car on the way home from soccer camp my back just hurt! It felt like someone slapped me in the back to many times. It hurt! I noticed when a girl clipped my ankle with her kleet 1. I fell down 2. I landed on my wrist w
  15. SunshineKenzi

    Day 83

    I'm cheering you on.... Hang in there Zeet!! Think of the final product of Accutane. Clear skin the Holy Grail to people with acne.
  16. Some people don't have a ib! I didn't have one... SO keep your hopes up I guess and pray for no ib!!! <--- If you pray haha ok I'm gunna go now
  17. Hmmmm. I have not experienced with red marks yet but, from youtubes point of view I've heard:Simple home remedies:~ice cubes... just hold it on the red mark~Green Tea (Cotton ball swab)~Lemon juice on a cotton ball, dot on face leave 15 min then wash off~Aloe VeraHave at it!!! Good luck
  18. SunshineKenzi

    Day 14

    Heyy!I guess we did start accutane at the same time!~My side effects are exactly identical to yours! Chapped lips, pain in lower back after working out (soccer)~in the uk is football soccer?
  19. Kenzi Jibba Jabber: I'm in a hyper/random/good mood! I keep on having weird dreams.... why, why God did I dream that half the school's students were singing the spongebob ripped his pants song?! Then of making a bagel. The dreams I have... Acne: pimples healing on cheek from picking a few says ago. Zit under my bangs and left eyebrow are drying. Its all good!! Skin: Not very dry at all. I hate moistrizer, well I used to but now I don't mind it. I put on a huge amount of cetephil moistrize
  20. 2, 30mg in the morning so I guess thats considered 60mg. Next time I go to Macy's I'll make sure to get a sample of Cliniques superbalm that sounds super ) <----- bad pun haha
  21. Skin/Acne reciew/ Kenzi Jibba Jabber: My skin is semi-dry. as for acne everything is the same as yesterday besides under my nose I have tiny white heads. I put vaseline on my face tonight after I showered. I heard it's a old trick to help deeply moisturize . I have cocoa butter vaseline so my face smells like cocolate... yummy! Side effects: Back is getting more sensitive. I try not to complain because I hate having to explain why I continue to take accutane to get rid of acne and back pai
  22. Seems like it worked? Your welcome glad to help ya!
  23. Kenzi Jibber Jabba: ... Had a great day! Not many of those especially on school days! But for my skin... I just got over pms, I think my skin got affected by that... maybe not! For so long since on accutane my cheeks got white hard to see pimples, only able to be seen at a certain angle. This Saturaday, I believe they started to reach the service creating a classic zit! Lovely huh>? For awhile... since Saturday they've been drying up... I gave up today, I told myself not to do it but I di
  24. I highly reccomend the clean and clear advantage kit. It worked for me for some time before my skin got used to the product! Worked for me for 2 months! Its easy