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  1. i broke out when i was on accutane a few times and my doctor gave me sulfur pills which i think really helped : )
  2. i think its safe to say I've already tried that. Besides im asking how long side effects like dryness last? i googled that also btw, but people were saying different things, and mainly i just got pages like "accutane will ruin your body, permanent body pain etc." So im kinda asking myself about it to other people
  3. Im 17 yrs old. I took accutane because my acne was persistent but not cystic. Though i thought my acne was pretty terrible.I sorta jumped into accutane not knowing alot about it. beside everything my doctor told me. I was suppose to take it for 5 months but ended up taking it for 6. The only side effect i got was dryness, especially my hair so i cant use heat anymore :/ but im really hoping that side effect will go away soon. I ended accutane in September. And my skin is completely clear! I love
  4. i was suppost to be on for five months originally but i was on for 6 months, so im pretty sure thats normal
  5. I finished accutane almost two months ago, like the beginning of september. And my main side effect i got was dry hair.. So i was wondering how long till my hair/skin goes back to normal? Or is it just different for everyone? Also what can i do about my hair? Like i cant blow dry or straighten my hair, or pretty much style it because it fries my hair, And Ive tried like everything too, hair mask, hot oil treatments, i dont shampoo everyday, and i dont use heat.. What should i do? will heat
  6. i think it took a month or two for me, idk maybe just a month, but yeah it slowly starts to feel drier
  7. bump.. oh and im thinking about trying burts bees shampoo, but my mom wants me to try melaleuca's version, so i guess i might try one of these sense theyre sulfate free
  8. Okay right now im using dove oil therapy shampoo&conditioner, and it works fine. But the last two days my hair has been so dry. But i also shampooed my hair everyday for the last few days. Im not sure why cause usually i only shampoo every other or every couple days, but sometimes if i wait to long my hair starts feeling a bit gros. Also im not sure whats a good system to use while im on accutane. Like shampoo every other day etc. Also i try not to wash my hair at all the other day, then il
  9. im ending my accutane too, and the other day i got a small pimple on my forehead, it wasn't noticeable but a week or so ago got a pretty noticeable spot next to my nose (i think i irritated it also with my sisters acne medicen that was too strong, i started to peel there) but i thought id be done with getting breakouts so im sorta concerned also
  10. Yeah I take it eveynight at dinner Update - I'm almost done with month 4, got about 9 more days left, and tomorrows my appointment at the dermatologist. I'm still on 40mg, he wouldn't raise it up because of my weight, which is between 98 - 103lbs. I started taking sulphur pills (I think that's what it's called) which he prescribed me last time
  11. is it normal to clear up then breakout, i keep doing that, its been 3 months now
  12. yeah thats the sucky part D : not much i can do besides that, maybe i can do a hot oil treament or something extra to help
  13. nvm going to have to do a hot oil treatment, because even after ALL of this, not blowdrying, not shampooing, organic conditioner, my hair is still so dry! UHGGG, i wont give up on accutane, the side effects tho are starting to get to me! ) :
  14. my mom got me some organic conditioner, and i stopped blow drying my hair, i think it feel alot better. thanks for the suggestions though! ill look into some of that stuff : ) oh snd flying high ive never heard of keratin treatment, but ill look at that too, thanks!
  15. i think there afraid of all the side effects, i wasnt though, i didnt really care lol i just wanted clear skin. and the side effects didnt sound to bad to me either, i didnt know a whole lot about accutane either, i just sorta jumped into it, but now my lips and hair is dry and im like D: THIS SUCKS. but its worth it i think : ) i just started month three btw