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  1. skin is still feeling great. but my face is itching and i can feel the pimples comin back. still pretty upset about it all, and still feeling like crap. i'm callin my regular doctor tomorrow to figure out my stomach, and also calling the derm to cancel my appointment and let him know i'll be discontinuing treatment. is it even worth staying with the derm for now? i've decided that since my skins clear now, i might just try to keep it that way with Dan's acne.org treatment, which I just ordered
  2. well, i'm officially off again. the stomach problems have persisted. it's to the point where i can't even eat anything because i feel so bloated/cramped up 24/7, and i've been off the medicine for three days. many times throughout the day i'll feel nauseous, like i'm gonna throw up. has anyone experienced this? i'm not sure if this is ibs or not, cause i have some friends with ibs and they don't experience this (at least i don't notice it ever). WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? skin is pretty much c
  3. finally home for the summe! now i can more easily monitor everything and i won't be tempted to drink alcohol. My only health problem that i'm finding now is that my stomach has been feeling really queezy lately. My mom said that if this happened to tell her immediately (because of the high risk for ibs) but i dont want to just yet if its nothing serious. my fecal matter (didn't know how to say that in a not disgusting way) has been fine, i'm just really gassy, farting and burping a lot, and i ha
  4. to start off, let me give an update. i've got mucous membranes dryin up in WEIRD places. painful and/or itchy at times. crap. still sick. still studying for finals through it all. i actually asked my cell bio teacher about this guy's article, and even he just referred me to a generic pharmacology article stating all the bullshit they feed you about not knowing how it works, but promoting its use even earlier in patients' treatment. so who knows. but apparently that nathan guy's article was u
  5. Day 2 of 120mg/day and I feel like I've been hit by a bus. Soo wiped out + trying to study for finals = bad. Have almost ten active pimples, boo. And the dryness has picked up after just a day on this dosage. Sore throat/cough are persisting, which I'm attributing to immune weakness cause the tane. Which led me to resort to my old ways of cruising the internet for accutane info, which is just scaring me more. I found an article posted on this message board by some guy who claims to have pinpoint
  6. Take 0.25mg/kg or less [like 0.1,25mg/kg per day]. Remember that 0.25mg/kg [or less] isotretinoin is a completely different story than 1mg/kg isotretinoin. Some interesting quotes for you: "Treatment of aged mice with a low dose of Retinoic Acid (0.15 mg/kg) helps to reverse an age-related deficit in long-term potentiation amplitude and improve the ability of the mice to perform relational learning tasks" "The positive changes induced by a low dose of 13-cis-RA were blocked by
  7. all is good..finished month 2 today..going to three pills a day (120mg total) starting tomorrow! very nervous for this cause i've been having trouble focusing on my studies as it is and upping the dose i assume will worsen the side effects (fatigue!!)..just in time for finals. Also, wicked sore throats lately. Drank a lot this weekend (I know, I know) but i hadn't done so for a month before, and it was my last weekend of the semester so I figured one weekend wouldn't kill me. No more drinking fo
  8. also, anyone got a remedy for the corners of my lips being all cut up and chapped? i use aquaphor and burts bees on my lips but it doesnt really help those corner parts and they can't really heal cause the cuts rip back open when i open my mouth all day eating and talking
  9. just an update: all is good..eye infection is clearing up. saw the derm a few days ago for my 2 month check up and he was thinking the redness is more due to dryness, which i agree with. can't believe i'll be done with month 2 in 7 days! Dose is being upped for the LAST TWO MONTHS. 120mg/day...AH! A little nervous for that, but it'll get me done in four months so i'll just have to grin and bear it. I'm hoping the side effects won't become to terrible with this high dosage cause i'm sorta still a
  10. haha thanks for checkin in..the last thing i wanna do is prolong the treatment, as we've already decided to cut it down a month by upping my dosage the last month. everything's going well now. dryness. more hair falling out when i rub my head but im taking your advice and ignoring that. had a pretty gnarley sore throat and now i've got an eye infection that sorta looks like pink eye, so i'm on antibiotics for that. all else is good. 2.5 months to go.
  11. you think? how long is your course going to last? i weigh a hefty 190 lbs...could that be why my dose is high? is that possibly why i've got certain side effects? in which case, do you think they'll subside soon? MOST of them did during my first month, but not all. possibly due to mono though.
  12. ib returns...damn. feelin lethargic lately but started drinking coffee so that helps a lot. dryness is manageable this time around. libido is nonexistent. aquaphor is great. fill my nalgene 4-5 times a day so piss breaks occur hourly. ahh the life.
  13. fourth day into month two. all is well. skin is clearing pretty nicely, not lookin like there will be another IB but we'll see. dryness is getting bad again but nothing cetaphil can't fix. libido is down, but i'm not gonna focus on that. also, i've promised myself i'll look at other logs but not at threads because all that most of the topics do is fuel my paranoia. that includes google "accutane + ______ (enter symptom)". just not a good way to live. i'm on it, got 2 months and 27 days left. let
  14. Hey all, With spring/summer coming, I'm anticipating my skin not reacting well to the sun, especially because I'm really pale. Can anyone recommend a good sunscreen that's not oily but is strong?
  15. ok ok, function is returning down south so i am relieved, but my face started to breakout to pre-accutane status today. meaning i am back to deciding; to accutane or not? great skin, avoiding all sun exposure, not drinking, and risking other health problems, or being healthy, living my normal life, and dealing with acne? i guess this is exactly where i was a little over a month ago when i decided to start my trial, but now i have some experience under my belt. it is just three months, which is