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I am a registered nurse and student registered nurse anesthetist. I joined this site back before any of these major career achievements as a lowly looker viewing forums in 2006 and sharing in a few private messages amongst other struggling members (years later) searching for support and guidance. This place became a home for sometime for me because of these connections made.I did progress through a difficult time helped by some members' posts and input. About the time I started college I found resolution and clarity, ironically. Working towards something and being with people despite that seeming paradoxical in nature did improved my mental state and made a seemingly chronic, life long issue seem less severe which in turn reduced my stress and breakouts.

This place became a bane of my existence, reminding me of the terribly troubling times I experienced with acne alone and in social situations. I avoided the topic and anything associated with it once I reached a level of clarity- having nothing to do with the subject entirely. Which is a huge irony considering all I gave up then and was still willing to go through to get clear. I promised myself and the higher Being I would do anything and 'pay it forward.' But I instead acted the exact opposite...Its still is a painful reminder and the words I use carry with them so much emotional connotations as well as memories that I often cannot use them in public. But, I am getting better at forgiving and forgetting as they say....

All of this I interpret as a journey I made to reach to where I am now. I have learned humility at its finest. A part of that journey could not have been made with out fellow members and their words whether directed towards me or the collective audience of readers like me. With the dawn of a new chapter in my career as well as a few more inked pages in my book of life experiences. I have returned to give renewed perspective and perhaps a bitter-sweet 'thanks' to acne.org while hoping I may have similar impact for others in situations I was once in.