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  1. Type 1 diabetic and no effects? That's quite the statement that I don't know if i want to investigate. Zinc is a horrible taste from my experience. Ionic zinc from trace minerals was the easiest of a variety of brands to take. I would suggest liquid over pills as pills give terrible gastric upset over time leading to possible ulcers and gastritis. I would caution anyone taking that dosage or similar. Maybe build up to a certain mg and see if you have results and stop. To me 150mg a
  2. It's a rabbit hole friend watch out. I spent probably a few thousand over a few years trying to do the same thing. I had come up with plans and regimens that in the end were ridiculous and not sustainable. Hang in there.
  3. If you're not looking for vitamins or pill then I really don't know.. You really can't fight biology. However, you may be able to experiment to see if what you eat two weeks before your period affects the outcome? People talk gluten free, insulin resistance, low carb etc. as a way to control hormone fluctuations therefore indirectly control break outs. May be worth a try
  4. Probably not until you are out of the wild hormonal teenage years into your mid twenties where you're done growing and things tend to settle down hormone wise.
  5. I would say that's partially true. The intensity of break outs are definitely not what they used to be in my late teen to very early 20's. It seemed then like once a few popped up within a week or more its like there was a rebellion that would spread to the other side of my face or back or scalp. Not sure why. But there was a point at which it started becoming under control and a period i had no breakouts at all for a long time, but it does come back now and again but nothing nothing in comparis
  6. You are right to believe physical attraction does matter to a degree that is relevant for each of us is uniquely independent however. I'd say it true for me on a first impression basis never having met someone before until that point. Expectations are high on- many levels. I find this a bit different if both of you know each other on more so daily-weekly basis and decide to go out together. Those expectations are sort of less there's less anxiety. So, yes now the big moment is here what to do be
  7. I find Zinc Orotate better for absorption and effectiveness then gluconate. The brand I buy only comes in ~9 mg tabs though i take 3-4 daily sometimes twice daily. I find it less harsh on the stomach than a larger tab especially if you haven't ate. Best a few hours after eating though if you avoid calcium/iron rich foods you can take it with food. I take cetirizine when i see or feel like breakouts are coming post clean shave (like 1-3 days later) i find it helps with the inflammation response
  8. I may depend on the type of biotin you are taking. I take a b complex daily. I was sketchy at first when starting this because of experience with excess b vitamins particular this one. This formulation is "d biotin." Although it could mean nothing too.
  9. In the younger teen/young adult years nobody around me really showed interest in dating me. Looks matter. Then. As adults were more forgiving as we mature (hopefully people do mature) so looks and flaws mean less while things like personality, and character traits matter more like stuff not seen such as confidence which is often been said to me by various girls to be unique to each guy and highly attractive. While acne doesn't completely leave me alone one thing that has changed is my confiden
  10. I wanted to say there is truth to this. I don't login much either, often i have to reset my password I never remember Though i wish i could have read this sooner or it have been available way back then. I to have done essentially less and also find it does more for me then getting all worked up about the little things that become our OCD to controlling this pain. It will consume your life if you let it that's for sure. I find products only made or created a new problem. Steps made me an
  11. And that is the truth. No one really gets it until its on their face. Many forget the mental trauma and subsequent depression that follows such battles of the physical change that you are almost helpless to resit. In the case of acne it is a losing battle most days. You just welcome the fact this is what it is going to be. Because fighting it takes some much out of you. In your case i cant begin to understand. But i know the suffering. You're beautiful you've forgot it though because others
  12. All that surgery and plans of procedures will give you hope and joy when you finally get to your goal though it all will be short lived in my opinion. You'll never be happy and always want more. They call this an obsession. You'll need to come to peace with some part of it sooner or later. I have scarring that has improved in some areas while in others no and in the right kind of light and closeness it shows. I've reached the point in the last two years to where i just do not care. Its part of
  13. An older topic that I did enjoy reading. While i do not fully support some of the topics brought to the table here, i do feel that they have some merit. Everything about everything has changed. Really it has. While movies and grandparents tell us one thing about dating the reality in today's world is much different because of a complex web of happenings. Not one piece is a direct cause. The whole world has evolved and had its influences and in this case some for the better and others not, I
  14. I didn't expect this type of post when i read the topic, however, I will agree as a 24 year old single male without kids and a stable job in healthcare. I simply am not attracted to overweight women and by overweight for me I mean something along the lines of their figure being proportionate- there arms, legs, face appear "swollen" , they are short, their abdomen is by far hanging over their belt line. Some belly fat? I'm definitely okay with. Hey we are human and entitled to what we like. Why s
  15. That doesn't mean there aren't an increasing number of "adults" with acne. There could be a million reasons why you don't see them. But that doesn't make them non-existent. I've actually noticed more people adults mostly around my area with acne. Its treated as no big deal though at work some nights my coworkers will get in discussions and rants on this subject to which i stay clear as I want to chime in on my struggles though they simply wouldn't understand. Because i feel they were not imme