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  1. I had moderate acne, and it was all over my face. I luckily never got any on my neck, chest or back, but I would often have cystic acne, and it was very very painful. As of right now I dont have any spots at all. Its taken me a while to figure out the ideal diet for me, but diet does work.
  2. Thanks so much for the replies guys! I just bought some organic virgin coconut oil and plan to start eating it and using it in cooking. I'm also really wanting to try it in my green tea as I've heard that as is a good idea and I love green tea. Not sure if I just scoop a glob in there or what lol. I dont think I'll put in on my face afterall. Right now I have NO spots and I really dont want to go and mess that up by putting something new on my face. I know I need more fat in my diet so Im happ
  3. So right now (and for the last 3 plus months) I've been using jojoba oil to remove makeup and clean/moisturize my face. I never got an IB and it works great. Lately I've been hearing a lot about coconut oil, and I'm kind of curious to try it. I want to eat it, and have heard you can add it to your green tea, but how? I find my diet sometimes lacks good fats like evoo, butter, avacado, and so Im going to try adding in coconut oil. I've also heard you can cook with it and I'm wondering whats bett
  4. I eat a primal diet. For me eggs and fish (mostly salmon) are my main protein, followed by chicken, turkey, and then beef or pork. I usually eat one protein source once a day. I also eat a handful of almonds almost everyday, but I'm not 100% sure nuts are great for acne. I'll be experimenting a bit with them in a few weeks. I cook with butter, and sometimes evoo. I eat a lot of veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, celery, carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach...some fruit (like apples, plums, blueberr
  5. Update: August 11 2011 It's been about a week and a half since I decided to give up the last bit of junk in my diet. I had icecream two nights in a row a week and a half ago, and broke out with a new spot for the next three days. But since those three days, nothing new! The junk I've given up was icecream and peanuts (well, not exactly sure that peanuts are junk...but the kind I was eating wasn't agreeing with me) As time goes on it is clear to me what is causing my acne. Sadly it isn't one ty
  6. Those are two really great steps!! Good for you. I wish I clued into the health aspect of acne less than a year after my acne started...I waited so long! Keep us updated. There's lots of good information on these boards
  7. Completely agree with you! If it wasnt for acne I would have NEVER changed the way I ate, slept etc. I'm sure I would have been very disease ridden in my old age.
  8. Im learning all sorts of things I didnt know Had no idea that blood meant the egg was fertilized. Not that I've SEEN an egg with blood but if I had it would have terrified me! And I didnt know that nuts are flowers. I suppose it makes sense now that I stop to think of it. AND hadn't any idea garbanzo beans were chickpeas I swear! Having paid no attention to food, health, and nutrition all my life it sure is a learning curve. Thanks for all the info
  9. Wow thank you so much for all of this information!! So can I soak and dry out, or do I have to sprout too? Im not even sure what sprouting is haha, I keep picturing roots coming out of the nuts and eating them like that I noticed chickpeas weren't on there, do those not need to be soaked? Thatd be great lol.
  10. I deal with hormonal acne too! Personally, changing my diet has done AMAZING things for my hormones and all things womanly. The idea is is that if your body (mainly liver) isn't so busy processing food your intolerant to, or just general junk for the human body, it can do a better job of processing the hormones so that they dont come out on your skin. I'm not 100% clear yet, but after three months my acne has improved SO much (I also dont stick to my diet very well...if I did I'd likely see bet
  11. Add citrus to that list. It gives me cysts. And it does not cause any tingling, swelling or any other noticeable reaction. I believe that the reactions that cause acne are the delayed type reaction so you wouldn't notice anything when you eat the food. I keep coming across studies and papers that connect acne with other antibodies besides the IgE antibodies that cause immediate allergic responses. For more info on the types of reactions in allergy and intolerance: http://www.acne.org/messa
  12. I should have mentioned I've been on the elimination diet, which is how I learned about the gluten. I did notice my mouth tingling after I ate a stew with half cooked lentils in it once, and I never thought anything of it! I'll have to test lentils out again and watch out for that. Thanks so much!
  13. I looked into the soaking and such, how do I never hear about these sorts of things before acne.org? From what I gather the idea is you soak the nuts overnight, then dehydrated them by baking them in the oven again for like...12 hours? Different times for different nuts? What about chickpeas? I've been thinking of buying an organic can and trying my hand at making my own hummus. Right now I buy some, it doesnt have any weird ingredients but I'd feel better making it myself. Any thoughts on c
  14. Thanks so much for the advice. Im just not sure if I can ditch all my nuts just yet. If after a month of ditching icecream and peanuts Im not doing better, I will. But I may start soaking them and all that jazz. Icecream probably isnt good for acne because of the sugar spike, let alone the dairy. I actually dont like red meat much! I wish I did and could eat it more. I hate preparing it I have a 'thing' where I only feel good about eating any meat I'd be okay with killing and preparing mysel
  15. Yes! Camping has been the only time I cleared up completely! I got about 5 clear days out of 3 days of camping. It was wonderful! I do think those things contribute greatly to my acne. It's like a trifecta I can cheat a bit with my diet, as long as my stress, sleep, and exercise is good. But if all of those are out of whack, even a bit, for more than a day and I can count on a breakout. It sucks! I need to win the lottery to keep all of those great. Sometimes finding time to sleep and exercise