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  1. It sounds like you're doing alot of good things; it would be good to see a photo for a better understanding and analysis though. Anyways, a few tips and suggestions >exfoliate only once, twice but no more than three times per week: it will cut down on irritation. >try not to pop pimples, blackheads, or sebaceous filaments: you're adding to the inflammation on you're face and spreading more acne causing bacteria. I know it's hard, but try not touching you're face at all for a few days.
  2. always cleanse before shaving; there is oil and dirt build up on your face. after shaving, apply topicals.
  3. Instead of pushing inward on a pimple, try pulling the skin gently away from the pimple. This actually reduces infection and does a better job of cleaning a clogged pore. Also, use a warm washcloth to reduce irritation and pain of a throbbing whitehead; softening the skin around the pimple makes it a hell of alot easier for the gunk to come out!
  4. My acne was very bad as a teenager; oily, ruddy, pimples, and clogged pores. I would classify it as pretty mild. It was very inflamed and terribly uncomfortable. In my experience, I found that cleansers and exfoliators were only half the solution; shaving properly and consistently helped a great deal. My skin began to lose it's bad texture and turned more even and clear. Being in my mid twenties now, I have noticed the effectiveness in the last several years. Now if you have more severe a
  5. A beard trimmer is pretty efficient and definetly pretty fast and less impactful, but a wet shave definetly gives the closest shave. I am not against beard trimmers at all: all the power to you if it works for you. I am just a huge proponent of the prep and post work of wet shaving that promotes great skin when done correctly. In response to shaving times, I try to shave at least every two days, if not every day. Even with acne, I noticed a significant difference in my skin for the better and
  6. This is all a question of skin type and irritation, amount of acne. One thing that is undeniable is that a manual razor provides the closest shave. I would also say sufficient preparation and post work, including moisturizing and using shave oil, would go a long way to giving one a close, excellent shave.
  7. Because you have alot of oil and dirt on your face, it is important to wash your face first. All the effects from a day, or even sleeping through the night, creates a large amount of bacteria on one's face. To prevent the clogging of the pores and the spread of bacteria around the face from using a razor, or electric for that matter, wash and rinse before shaving. If you have sensitive skin and don't want to irritate the skin so much, try washing or exfoliating a few hours before shaving.
  8. Try to incorporate the three musts in skin care: cleansing, exfoliation and moisturizing. Depending on your skin type, look for some producs that suit you. My skin type is oily and acne prone, so I go for light weight moisturisers and gentle cleansers and exfoliators. Right now I use spectro gel, which I highly recommend because it is gentle and does wonders on the texture of your skin; in being non irritating, you can use the cleanser everyday. For moisturising and exfoliating, I use Kiehls
  9. I honestly have to echo that its great to shave more: but it is largely dependent on the severity of your acne. People with relatively clear or mild acne can see significant improvement in the skin's texture and appearance with consistent shaving . The process of shaving is an excellent way to take care of the skin because it employs exfoliation, moisturizing and skin renewal. To leave hair to grow can cause trapped bacteria and dead cells to accumulate, and long, coarse hair can lead to ingr
  10. Actually, using a manual razor is much more beneficial compared to an electric one: its all in how you prepare your face for a shave and how to use a razor properly. When using a manual razor properly within the shaving routine, one gets a closer, easier, and less irritable face than when using an electric razor. An electric razor is proven to be more irritable and less effective in eliminating hairs; you are more susceptible to ingrown hairs when using an electric!~
  11. Being a personal trainer and someone who has experienced mild acne, I would be the first to say exercise is a large part of the solution. Exercise improves circulation, reduces inflammed areas, reduces stress, encourages water consumption and encourages toxin release from the body. People who are still having problems with acne even though they are exercising can be doing a couple of things wrong. First, a gym is a bacteria filled environment that can be dangerous for acne sufferers. Touching
  12. It might be time to change; personally Im not a fan of benzoyl peroxide on my face and prefer a more natural cleanser and exfoliant. Although good for some acne sufferers cause of its bacteria killing ability, I find it clogs my pores and is a main contributor of cosmetic acne. Anyways...I have oily, acne prone skin and I have had success with the 'less is more' method: I cleanse with a light, gentle cleanser everyday, with spectro jel 1 to 2 times; I exfoliate 1 to 2 times a week, with kiehls
  13. I have oily, acne prone skin that I have kept clear for years; recently I have noticed that my skin has continued to be tanned and have a nice glow to it...problem is I came back from vacation almost two months ago and I am curious to why my tan won't disappear. I am by no means angry at this, just concerned that maybe my skin tone has been permanently affected by a. my redness and pigmentation of my previous acne, b. if I am perhaps overusing my products or using the wrong combination or c. if
  14. I agree with the 'less is more' routine, but it is still a routine none the less that you HAVE to adhere to. I have oily, sensitive skin but I am not strict on washing it AM or PM: I usually wash once day and moisturize (this is integral to protect and nourish your skin no matter what the skin type). I think what is more important to me is WHAT I wash with weekly. Besides a simple cleanser everyday, I use a face mask and exfoliator once or twice a week (someitmes on weekends I will forgo a da
  15. Although sun can seem like a solution, it is actually more harmful to your skin than ever: acne can become worse through sun damage. The tan is temporary and may hide spots, but those spots can return, along with increased irritation and everything that goes with it (increased oiliness, whiteheads, blackheads, etc). I am about the same age as you and have the same skin type; I have had success and allowing for increased sun exposure to combat acne is a definite no-no. I would be happy to lend