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  1. Sounds like me too. I have only ever seen 3 people in my life who have nose pores in the same league as me. Those 3 people had pores slightly different to mine though. Their pores were deep and large and u could see that the pore itself was wide. In normal overcast daylight one of these people still had noticible large pores whereas mine in overcast daylight, or normal lighting do not show like this. It is the area around my pores which is sunken slightly which means that the stuff that comes
  2. Just my opinion- Genetically large pores are usually more uniform in shape size and do not occur just with blackheads. They often are in people with particularly oily skin but the pores are not necessarily blocked. I think these can be helped by astringent toners, masks...anything that temporarily tightens the pores, and also the appearance can be reduced possibly by retin a type products for a more long term improvement. Enlarged pores usually are caused by repeated blackheads and may be larg
  3. I have just this week needled the enlarged/scarred pores on my nose and to the sides of my nose. I have used a single needle that is 0.25m. I have bought these from what i feel is a very informative site for needling. I can't put the address but google owndoc or Sarah Vaughtner. Good info on there even if not buying the products. They believe that tattoo needles of 0.35 are too large and sell a pack of 5 0.25mm needles for $9. They also sell dermarollers and i bought one just for improving the
  4. I have ordered some of this and was just wondering if it can be used over a small section of scarred pores to hide them or whether it only works for larger idented scars?
  5. In a few months after my summer holidays I am looking to try needling. I How should I disinfect my skin before treatment? I was thinking of using savlon liquid or dettol obviously diluted. I have used this in the past on cuts etc. Is this suitable? Directly after the needling what should I do...cover the area with a cream or leave alone? What cream should I use...the terproline, or leave this till a few days later? I also have the environ vit c cream, should i use this in con
  6. I am using a 30% glycolic acid lotion and it seems to be helping. I would stick with it for a while longer. I also use a body brush to stimulate the circulation and loosen the dead skin. This lotion is the only thing which has improved these marks, the back etc seems too large a space to have peels done, although if sure you could if you had a friend help. Perhaps you could ask for a slightly stronger glycolic acid lotion, I was using 15 but the 30 is working much faster.
  7. The only moisturiser which has not clogged my pores is Avene Hydrance optimal. I actually use the Rich version rather than light because I am finding my skin to be less oily these days (I'm 24). I have just ordered some emu oil to see if that is better. I will still use the Avene in the day it's just I have some eczema on my face and I want to try and clear it up without having to resort to steroid cream. The Avene comes in a version with spf 20.
  8. Hello I have not been posting on the forum since 2007 but unfortunately not because I 'cured' my acne! I have found a regimen that keeps it under control and products that are more suitable for me at 24. Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel - Or any fragrance free fairly gentle gel cleanser. I believe you should not have active treatment within your cleanser if you suffer from sensitive skin as this is an overload in conjunction with a treatment such as Diacneal. Microfiber wash cloth - Harsh
  9. Yea when a counter girl tried dandelion on me I remember it having shimmer.
  10. The trick with colorstay is to make sure your face is still a tiny bit damp from moisturiser and don't use too much. The softflex is really good but don't care much for the older version. Too mask like.And after about an hour my skin looks even better than when I first put it on...one of those foundations that looks a bit better once your skin has warmed with it.
  11. Jordan It's a shame everything in her range is in pink and also you are in the US but I liked how she has cup sizes for her bikini top, exact cup sizes!
  12. I thought dandelion had shimmer in?
  13. Ummm Clinique x 2 Laura Mercier x 1 Estee Lauder x 4 Rimmel x 10 or more Mineral make up x 2 Colorstay x 2 Loreal x 2 Neutrogena x 2 Christian Dior x 2 Nars x 1 Ultim II x 1 Concealers - Boots x 3 YSL x 2 Laura Mercier x 1 Rimmel x 4 There are probably more I have forgotten...didn't realise I had tried 4 Estee Lauder ones.That would be like £120 just on those. Madness.
  14. I've got a BE full coverage kabuki. And now it has been washed a few times it's very soft and very dense still . Sheds a little but it does give me a very good finish, I think because of how densly packed the hairs are.
  15. Colortstay with softflex is the best foundation for acne prone skin I have come across as it has very good coverage even when layered lightly and it is yellow based. saying that I switch between MMU and colorstay but I usually have a bottle with me just incase of any mishaps.