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  1. Right now, I'm finding it really hard to give up dairy and my skin is still clearing. I think I'm going to continue cutting it out completely until (fingers crossed) my skin is clear. Then I'll experiment. Sure would be good to satisfy my cheese cravings! I have the supplements. My mum has arthritis so she insists that I take calcium. Not heard how they can be harmful though I'll give it a try!
  2. I had mild to moderate acne although to me, it seemed severe. It felt horrible. My skin would be okay for a few days, then I'd break out for the next week for no apparant reason. I've tried everything under the sun on my skin and gone through phases of decent and bad skin. I've heard so many times that dairy can cause acne but I'd never noticed a link between the two. I'd have a glass of milk and a pizza or something and be the same as ever the next day; nothing new to notice the link. Then I s
  3. Thanks everyone. I've also started having green tea; about four cups a day which is supposed to work miracles. I haven't had any new spots for about a week, although my skin looks the same as it doesn't appear to be healing. But hey, bright side
  4. derventa? I've never heard of that before. Could you tell me more about it? I've used...so many products over the years. My acne cleared up when I was about 15 after using Clinique's anti-blemish range, so I thought I'd try something different. I think I tried Clean and Clear amongst others. My acne then came back when I was 18 (I'm now 19), went back on Clinique, didn't work. Tried lots of other things, didn't work. Then I read that products with a Ph of 5.5 are the kindest on your skin, unli
  5. Everyone views their skin differently. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and feel okay with my skin. Sometimes I feel disgusting. So I'm hoping people can tell me the truth about the severity of my skin? It's just so hard to tell myself.
  6. I've only recently learnt about pH and how products with a pH more alkaline than 5.5 can be damaging to your skin (I finally read the 'why pH is important' topic that this board tells you to read ). I've used many various things on my skin, most probably having a high pH and resulting in my skin becoming damaged, therefore leading to my sensitivity and acne. I've recently been using the 'water only' method but just found that water has a pH of 7 which is more alkaline than the skin's natural p
  7. I understand your methods and I myself have been trying a similar approach. I started by only using water but I wear make up in the day and it was clear that water alone was not taking this off my face, so I started using Johnson's baby wipes. They're good for taking off make up, they contain practically only water and help with the gentle exfoliation which helps with the flaky skin. Soooo I'm just putting it out there in the case that it can help anyone, as it's very similar to the water-only
  8. you need to eat seriously it's shocking how little you eat
  9. I've been trying this for the past four days Tastes disgusting, although I have noticed a few changes: Got a few new whiteheads (nothing unusual about that) but when they pop, it's almost like clear water is coming out. Not really sure what this means, but it almost feels like there is less infection if it's just clear stuff coming out? These whiteheads clear up quickly, within a day or two, rather than lingering as red bumps for a while like my skin normally does My skin is naturally oily anyw
  10. Thanks, this definitely gives me the confidence to try it I have a few questions though: What do you do for your face in the morning? I always shower in the morning rather than evening so it would be difficult to shower without wetting my face :/ How do you take your make up off at the end of the day if you only use water? If you don't exfoliate like you used to, won't your skin texture become...rough? And pores become enlarged? And finally, how long did you start to notice your s
  11. I've exfoliated daily for roughly 2 years with Garnier sugar scrub and I have mild to moderate acne on my back and shoulders. I've started to simplify my facial regime (I have worse acne on my face) and this seems to be clearing my skin up. So I was wondering if I should do the same on my back and shoulders? The typical advice seems to be to exfoliate but I've started to think I could be irritating my skin and making it worse. I know that my skin would have a rougher texture if I no longer exfol
  12. Other people that are commenting on here seem to know exactly what they're talking about, with so much detail. So my advice might be pointless, although it seems to be working for me. Your acne looks like mine used to, perhaps a little more severe, but I used to get the red blemishes like that, which grouped together and left angry bumps even when the infection appeared to have gone. I've basically found that the acne seemed to have been caused by aggravating my skin. I love how you're trying t
  13. I've never heard of them I did a quick search on this website and there doesn't appear to be much said about them Could you tell me more about them/personal experience?
  14. Can I ask where these boards/posts are? I'd like to read more information and see how they're doing with it if possible
  15. Exactly, I think all of these products are causing the problems. Might give it a go and just see what happens. The worst that can happen is my skin breaks out...again, right? I've had plenty of experience with that before :/
  16. I have a similar issue and feel like I've messed my skin up by using too many harsh products. The only problem is, I've been doing this for years :/ So now I want to go back to using just water but I'm scared it won't clean my skin enough to fight off the acne, and I'm concerned that my skin won't react well to avoiding moisturisers. Please let me know how it works out for you? I'd really like to give it a go myself but I'm too worried!
  17. So I've had acne and oily skin for a few years and have tried many cleansers/exfoliators/moiturisers etc etc I often feel something's working but then the acne comes back, sometimes worse than before. I've only recently learnt that using harsh cleansers can overdry the skin, making the skin over-compensate and produce more oil and that harsh cleansers can also irritate the skin and cause acne. So I've started to think that perhaps I've been destroying my skin by using so many different things. I