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  1. Hey Ive been using the DKR for about 6 months and while it has helped some my acne is stuck at this one point and it wont get any better. Its not horrible just on my cheeks I have a bunch of little pimples that I can feel but you cant really see its just red and there are some red dots. So if you saw me from a little bit away it wouldnt look like I have any acne. every now and then I will get a big white head. My mom has had really bad acne and she has been using Sulfacetamide for a while and sh
  2. I was looking up more acne treatments because ive been using the regimen for almost 6 months and my acne has improved but its this huge battle. if i skip even one day or fall asleep with out washing my face or putting on the BP it sets me back a few weeks. and my acne seems to be stuck in this one phase and wont get better. the pimples arnt really visible from far away but when i ever touch my face (which is only when i wash it) i can feel all these bumps. So anyway i found this stuff called cl
  3. Ok im just gonna make a new post for my before and after pics. Ok well here's just the before pic since it wont let me upload anymore. Maybe and admin can attach this to my original thread.
  4. Crap it said I don't have any space left to upload pics and for some reason it doubled the earlier ones. I need to post the before pics how do I do it?
  5. Im uploading this from my phone so I don't think I can caption the pics but you should be able to tell which one is before and which is after. My acne wasn't horrible but was bad enough to lower my confidence in myself. So I've been on the reg for almost a month I think but I saw results after a week week and a half. The before pic was taken about 2 days after I started and I just took these today except For the one in my white shirt which was about week ago. So if anyone thinking about trying t
  6. Yo im not sure if anyone has said this yet since i didnt want to read all 100 pages of this but a simple solution would be to go to a... dermatologist! I am sure you will get some kind of help on this message board since we all have one thing in common but go to a doctor. It is their profession to deal with problems of the skin. ( I am talking about derms. of course) So go to one ask them and tell us what they say if you want .
  7. Hey all I just started this about one week ago. I ordered the whole kit from this site just cause I figure I might as well use what he was. My acne isnt as bad as some of yours but its bad enough that it kills my confidence as I am sure you all know what im talkin about. I mainly just have white heads and black heads and its spread in little bunches around my face. So Ive been doin the regimen exactly except that I use more than a pea sized amount just because you cant cover your whole face with