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Accutane - the most effective treatment I've tried but not a miracle cure. Weigh up the pros and cons carefully.
Works better than anything else I tried Much less oily skin - skin feels and looks nicer. Easy - no creams to apply or regimen to follow. Potentially dangerous - regular blood tests required Dry eyes, lips, skin and joint pain are annoying as time goes on. Not a complete cure. My acne wasn't the most severe case ever but it was persistent; 10 years of back and body acne. Various other treatments failed so I decided to give Accutane a go. I'm a big guy so my dose was large; I star

By lionfish,

A little bit goes a long way. Doesn't dry/irritate the skin as much as some other products. Makes a significant difference when used reguarly* *not particularly effective for body or back acne. It will 'run off' if you get sweaty after application and it will bleach fabrics. prescription only so must obtain via a dr. I found DUAC was OK when applied generously once a day before bed. I would say it is probably best for those with mild to moderate acne of

By lionfish,