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  1. Hey there love! I first wanted to tell you that you are SOO beautiful! You have a gorgeous milky complexion that makes your acne completely irrelevant! Good lcuk with your treatment and I hope you're still allowing yourself to enjoy this summer! I hope you clear up in no time! I'll definitely be following your log as I might try hormonal treatment for my acne!
  2. While I'm not trivializing the emotional effects of acne (obviously, we all suffer from it), I have to completely agree with Kairasa in that blaming whatever crap you have going on in your life on ANYTHING/ANYONE does not solve anything. EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING has something difficult that they have to deal with. My aunt was diagnosed with cancer at the very young age of 40; my cousin still struggles obtaining a post-secondary degree and has spent thousands of dollars on university fees only
  3. Oh also, I meant to ask, CalypsoStorm, what is your topical regimen like? Any tips on a few good cleansers and moisturizers would be greatly appreciated!!!! =)
  4. Hey CalypsoStorm-- thanks for representing us gals who choose not to be mothers. I feel kinda bad saying that though, because I know my own mother would want to have her own set of grandchildren. I'm not closing the door on the idea of adoption, so she'll still have someone to spoil a few years from now! LOL. I think you may have misinterpreted what I wrote previously (sorry, I'm not very eloquent ). I first went to the dermatologist when my acne surfaced. She advised me to go on Diane 35 as s
  5. I first started getting acne at 11 or 12. I was completely clear from the ages of 12-18 (I thought Benzoyl Peroxide was my cure... my skin was literally perfect while using it); and 18.5-21 (had to switch BP brands and had even clearer skin than before, if that was possible). I should also note that my breakouts (if I had any of them) were ALL on my forehead (God, what I would give to just break out there now!) My cheeks and chin were poreless and flawless. 3 months after I turned 21, I starte
  6. Sorry if I had to post on an old topic. lyssgirl, I'm not sure if you remember me, but you posted on one of my posts about birth control suggestions (you recommended Spironolactone). You and I have insanely similar stories, even the timing of our skin eruptions (and what led us there) were eerily the same! First and foremost, I am shocked that your life has taken such a dramatic turn because of acne. I'm not one to trivialize anyone's problems (otherwise they wouldn't be problems) but I know d
  7. Hey love! I couldn't resist posting on this particular topic. I'm a 22 year old female and I've always regarded myself as a daddy's girl. I'm the eldest of 2 (my sister is a year younger), and the difference on how my dad acts around both of us is EXTREMELY noticeable. Despite being known as the daddy's girl, my dad never shows sweet, sugar-coated emotions around me. The only time I ever heard him say "I love you" to me was during long-distance phone calls when I'd be travelling a million miles
  8. Alright, the only time I ever go to the Emotional/Psychological effects of acne is when I want to read something inspiring. Something along the lines of "life is too short". I know it's kinda corny, but I'd rather live through the day with something positive to hold on to. Anyway, ugh, rambling again. Sorry. Okay, my question to all you acne sufferers is what is your particular obsession with your current acne? Like, why are you guys SO upset about your acne? Other than the social isolation
  9. Hey jessica! I remember reading some of your posts a few months back and I actually sobbed and cried my eyes off from the hell that you went through with your switch to another birth control pill!!! I cannot tell you how happy I am to hear that you're enjoying clear skin again! You totally deserve it! I agree with so many things you said. I don't really wear makeup either unless necessary. I also only cleanse once a day. I've never been on the pill so I am very reluctant to go on it for aesthet
  10. HAHAHAHAH me too!!! HAHA, I haven't read anything this ridiculous in a while! Great post troll.
  11. I also have a little problem. My skin is actually not oily. My tzone is oily, but I would say it's normal oily. My cheeks are very normal. Throughout the whole day, my cheeks never secrete oil. But in the past year, I've been getting breakouts there. They're not painful breakouts though... mainly just zits, I guess, but they're sooo bothersome. Will BCP just trigger an acne flare up because of this? Also, I'm scared to take Spiro because like I said, my menstrual cycles are already so irregu
  12. Hey gals! Thank you sooo much for all the input! Ivy, asar, and BeadyB-- I hear ya on the losing weight thing. I've always loved my body regardless of what size it is (FYI, I tend to have a stable weight. I don't really fluctuate in size), but seeing myself look like a skeleton was one of the most disturbing things I had to go through in my life. And my acne actually got even worse! I lost 10 pounds in one month alone. I looked so sickly. And as asar said, I think I began losing a lot of estro
  13. Hey all! If you're a combination-skinned person who likes Salycilic acid and Benzoyl Peroxide, this might just work for you. You can scroll down the bottom of the page to view the magic regimen that gave me the most immaculate skin I've EVER had. I have always had some form of acne ever since I was 11. When I was 12, I moved to another country and the stresses, weather changes and SEVERE homesickness showed up on my skin. I probably had moderate acne at this point- no cysts, but tonnes of infl
  14. Hey lovely ladies!!! This is gonna be a long post but please please read on and HELP ME!!!! I'll be so happy if you did! I'm a new member (although I've been surfing this site for a few months now). First off, I'm 22 and I've never been on birth control before. The reason why I'm considering the pill right now is because of two major reasons: 1. I break out on my chin, jawline, and cheeks... I NEVER used to get acne on these areas of my face before. 2. Sorry for the tmi, but I do have irregu