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  1. DAY 41 Thanks squares, hope its all going well for you too! Not much to report once again folks. No new breakouts, which is obviously a good sign. Heres to tomorrow and 5 days without a breakout...hopefully
  2. DAY 40 The mornings are becoming better now as my skin is starting to look good when i wake up. This does seem to transform when i put the regimen on but, in my opinion if my skin looks ok without anything on then surely its a step in the right direction. My breakouts have definitely reduced and i haven't had a proper new one for nearly 3 days now, touch wood. Still have lots of these red marks on my cheeks though, really wish they would start to decrease and then we might be getting somewhere!
  3. DAY 39 Have to say, not enjoying the oily nature of this AHA! makes my skin reeeeeeeeeeally shiny!! gotta give it a week though to see if its doing any good! Skin looking the same as it did yesterday! nothing much to report guys!
  4. DAY 38 Well since the addition of the AHA as a substitute for moisturizer i can't say a lot has changed once again. The stuff stings when you first put it on and its quite oily but apart from that, there hasn't been a massive improvement or decline, however its only been a few days, ill keep you updated in a weeks time of how the AHA is working (if) Overall my face is looking relatively good today! no new breakouts and the dryness seems to have subsided a little which is always good news! Weath
  5. DAY 37 Not a lot to report again folks! the breakouts have all but gone from my face of late although i can feel a few coming to the surface for the next few days. My AHA cream came this morning, this evenings regimen will be the first time i use it, ill keep you updated on how its going and whether i think its actually doing anything. Just for the record i am going to start off using it once every night, replacing moisturiser, and see what happens.
  6. DAY 36 One new breakout on my right cheek this morning, not major but will probably take a few days to go, nothing new apart from that! struggling for things to report on!
  7. DAY 35 Well things have been ok today, nothing new has appeared on my face and the dryness seems to have subsided a little! all is well
  8. DAY 34 1 new breakout on my right cheek appeared this morning and has got worse throughout today, haven't really seen anything else thats different. Ordered some AHA today so we will see how that deals with the red marks! fingers crossed!
  9. Thanks for the quick reply, when should i use it in regards to the regimen?
  10. Hi all, so ive been on the regimen for a month and a week now, things have been ok, not great, and whilst i havent noticed that much difference yet, i think it may be because i have a lot of old red marks on my cheeks. So what do i do? Ive ordered some AHA and i was wondering where do i add it into my regimen? ive heard not to use it every day, fine. But WHEN do use it? When have people found it gets best results? before Moisturizer? After moisturizer? instead of moisturizer? I need help
  11. DAY 33 1 new breakout on my right cheek, not alot else going on! dryness in the morning is a norm, and the redness is all but gone now
  12. DAY 31 + 32 Not really noticing a great deal of change to my face anymore, the usual 1 or 2 breakouts a day fade quickly, leaving small red marks which accommodate my face now, I'm thinking of using AHA in the regimen, does anyone know where to add it in and how to use it?
  13. DAY 30 Well i woke up this morning with a breakout on my chin and one to the side of my lip, not big, but they hurt a fair bit when i applied the regimen this morning. Not alot else to report, the usual flakiness continues, which will hopefully start to die down after this 1 month marker. In reply Gordon 94, My acne was a little better than yours when i started, the main difference you will see as i did, is the breakouts across your face decrease in the first few weeks and they will turn to re
  14. DAY 29 - 1 Month review OK, so i'm coming up to a month on the regimen now, whilst i wish i could say i'm now clear an end this all, i can't. What can i say about my first month, fairly painful experience, redness, dryness, and the constant looking at myself to see if my face has improved. So far, it hasn't made that much difference, but then i have been asking myself, is it meant to? As i have been told and seen on many other peoples diary's the first month is all about adjusting, finding wh
  15. DAY 28 This morning things hadn't really changed that much from the day before, the dryness was normal and all that was new was 1 small breakout on my left cheek, which after applying the morning regimen was barely visible. Not much else to report guys, just gotta keep going!!
  16. DAY 27 Well i woke up today expecting the good work and the improving look of the last 2 days to have been a bit undone. I was pleasantly surprised to see the same face staring back at me as the night before. No new breakouts for a second day running. I can definitely see my face starting to improve, it's not much, and it really isn't that noticable, but i can pick out things that have started to improve a little lately. 1 thing being that those horrible big red marks on my skin are starting to
  17. DAY 26 The breakouts of the last few days have started to clear nicely now, and after applying the regimen this morning my face was looking the best it had done in a while. The dryness is still a persisting problem, and i am looking forward to the day when i wake up and my face isn't really dry and flaky. The redness isn't really a factor anymore, it gets a little worse for about 30 mins after i apply the regimen but after that it subsides and i don't really notice it.
  18. DAY 24 + 25 Been really bust the last 2 days so here's the latest. The disappointment of the previous 2 days have been a little improved over the last 2. There has been just 1 breakout over these 2 days which i am really pleased about and the others have gone now. All that persists is the red marks on my cheeks and forehead, which i hope will start to decline over the next week or so as i enter week 5 and 6 of the regimen. The dryness has been a little more the last 2 days but i think this may
  19. DAY 23 Not much to report today really, no new breakouts, but no real change in anything else!! Keep the faith people.
  20. DAY 22 Very disappointed today. woke up with 3 new breakouts again, seems as though my face is starting to look a little worse again. Very dry and itchy when i woke up. The redness from old breakouts still seems to be staying the same. I realllllly want it to improve soon!! starting to lose a little faith :S
  21. DAY 21 WOW! I can't believe its been 3 weeks already since i started the regimen! Time really has flown! Today I was again disappointed with my skin, i had 3 new breakouts on my right cheek and i can feel another coming through for tomorrow. What i have realized though is that being on the regimen dramatically reduces the time it takes for breakouts to heal. After applying the regimen this morning my face seemed more or less the same as usual, a little redder but that may have been due to my ow
  22. DAY 20 Today my face didn't look as good when i woke up, it seemed more inflamed and the old patches where breakouts had been seemed redder. I had a new breakout developing on my forehead which fully came to surface this evening, and hopefully that will be all but gone tomorrow. So in summary a little disappointed but still optomistic!
  23. DAY 19 This morning i woke up with more optimism that my face was definitely clearing! The redness is now pretty much non existent after around 20 mins with the regimen on which is really pleasing. The dryness seemed to be less as well today which was really promising as the dryness drives you crazy!! Only 1 real breakout that occurred overnight on my upper lip was minimalised by this evening. Not much else to report folks!
  24. DAY 18 Woke up this morning and there was no new breakouts once again which i was happy with! It seems like my face is really starting to adapt to the BP, the redness in the morning is going down a lot. The only thing that is plaguing me really now is the dryness. When i wake up every morning, my whole face is dry and is peeling, although it is easily covered up with JJ oil and my moisturizer i don't really enjoy waking up to it every morning!! By this evening i had one breakout peering through
  25. DAY 17 Well, things are looking alright again today. Not much to report, no new breakouts, redness reduced from yesterday and dryness beginning to fade out now i hope. All in all improvement!!