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  1. I've been on DK's treatment for almost 2 weeks, applying the cream twice a day. I'm seeing improvement however, I'm developing a large red rash on the affected areas. It's very dry, flakey and sometimes has a burning/stinging sensation after I apply Cetaphil and/or Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Lotion. Is this normal? Should I drop to once a day? I was using DK's moisturizer before however this did not prevent redness. Thanks!
  2. Little backstory.. My skin is naturally oily, and annoying at that. My father told me at a young age when we were discussing "taking care of yourself" and "regular boys' stuff" that I would have acne pretty bad. Both my mom and dad fought acne for several years, but eventually got over it. Just from looking at them you can see a sheen on their face, as do I even after a rigorous showering. So, I've been battling acne now for about 8 years. Started sprouting zits around the typical, ripe ag
  3. What did you use? The Daniel Kern Regimen?
  4. New to the site and was looking through the steps to treat back and chest acne. I'm getting everything I need, however I am unable to find the AHA Enhanced lotion in stores. Could I substitute Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion for the AHA? Referring to this page: h t t p://w w w.ac ne.org/findingsupplies2.php Why does it not show the link?