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  1. Did you change something in your regimen? It could be that what you're using is too harsh on your skin and irritating it. Some people say things in the water has something to do with acne. It could be the water at your house has a different pH or different minerals or anything. The weather may even be different where you were, depending on how far away it was. Even different chemicals clothes and sheets are being washed with could affect you. With the laundry list of side effects, I'd suggest yo
  2. If someone judges you then they're insensitive and ignorant. I know something of how you're feeling though. If you're feeling self conscious you could use foundation-- girl or guy-- to get through the worst of it. Just remember "those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind".
  3. You could try washing your face in the morning. I know if I don't my face feels dry. You might also consider adding something to moisturize. If you want to stay natural-- aloe, shea butter, or an essential oil?
  4. To stop the oil you need to make sure you're taking in enough fluids and moisturizing well. It seems counterintuitive but when your skin gets dry it will produce oil. Keeping your skin moisturized means less oil. Consuming foods high in vitamin A like sweet potatoes can also decrease oil production.
  5. It can be so frustrating, I know. But don't give up. I think your diet doesn't sound bad, though there could be some sort of intolerance or allergy. Your problem could be hormonal. You could get your levels checked. Taking tumeric could help you. It keeps the inflammation down and kills the bacteria. I also use Finacea. I would also get a different derm. If your skin is dry or flaky that implies your regimen is too drying. When your skin is dry it will produce oil and, well, you know what's nex
  6. You could try a spot treatment of tea tree oil or lavender oil. Have had some shrink considerably after. Taking turmeric may bring them to a head. You could try advil to bring the inflammation down too but you def don't want to take too much of that stuff.
  7. Can't be sure, of course, could be some sort of irritation-- but it does look like cysts to me. They don't have to hurt. Have had plenty that haven't and plenty that have. Have you had this before? Does it feel like there's fluid or like a hard mass under the skin? If so I'd wager it's cysts.
  8. You could try Finacea cream. It helped me a lot. Only possible side-effect is temporary itching, stinging sort of thing.
  9. I've been using Finacea for the past few months. It's helped not only with cysts but scars too! Nice thing about Fiancea is any side effects are minimal--burning, stinging, itching-- only got that for the first couple weeks. I never wanted to use accutane as there was a plethora of bad side effects. I get sick from antibiotics too. Glad I waited and my derm recommended Finacea. I've never had a product work so well. *knock on wood* Anyways, I think it's worth a try, but everyone's skin is diff
  10. I haven't tried Renée Rouleau Anti-Cyst treatment but Makeup Alley does have reviews you could look at. I use turmeric in supplement form. It helps me a lot. If you do use a turmeric mask, the yellow stain is kind of hard to get off. However, people said the masks do help, even possibly with scars. Neem might help too. How's your vitamin intake?
  11. I love turmeric. It's anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. My skin started clearing a couple days after I started taking it. I break out when I go off of it. I take it in capsule form with extract so it's more potent. I tried the pure spice as a mask once but it's kind of hard getting that bright yellow stain off your skin. Had to use lavender and tea tree oil on a cotton ball and luckily it mostly came off. I'd like to try it again, I just wouldn't put it on before an event. You could a
  12. Cetaphil ultra hydrating lotion for dry, sensitive skin--it's the only thing that helps when my face is super dry. You could also try vitamin e oil, and, make sure you're properly hydrated. The BP could be too harsh for your skin and you may want to consider an alternative. My skin can break out if it gets too dry as it starts overcompensating with oil. I do agree you may want to consider gentle exfoliation, but your skin is saying it's too dry and I think you should try to address the problem
  13. When I was using retin-A I sometimes found myself resorting to Vaseline. My skin was pretty much constantly crumbling off. The Vaseline helped somewhat, but was fairly thick and gross. lol. I started using Cetaphil ultra hydrating lotion for dry, sensitive skin. It was the only thing that made it bearable. I also used vitamin e oil intermittently, which seemed to give it a fair amount of moisture replenishing. Also, drink plenty of fluid. My skin gets pretty parched if I don't get enough to dri
  14. LOL. I meant 'mousse', not 'mouse'. Spell check = frenemy.
  15. So the dermatologist just said "I'll call you back" and didn't say anything else? Sounds a little strange. You should probably call back to follow up just to make sure files didn't get misplaced or whatever. But maybe you should look into finding another one... There's a thread on how to treat scars that you might want to look at. There are some cheaper options that are probably a lot healthier than lasers or chemical peels. There's vitamin e oil which some people had have great luck with. Al