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  1. While I've never had severe acne, it's been persistent and nothing has worked. My doctor talked me into going on accutane. So I'm on day 16, my skin's a little dry, I've had nosebleeds(3-4 a day, ahh), but it really hasn't looked better. 1) Is it relatively common not to have an initial breakout? 2) Any tips for dealing with the nosebleeds? Sitting at the back of the class bleeding it getting old 3) Does the dry skin stay for the whole course, or does it slowly improve? I'm 17(as of yes
  2. I'll be going in for one later this month, still waiting for my appointment(Canada, pfft). Many sensitivities are delayed, so the test may not pick them all up. As for his "acne != bad diet" opinion, I've read most medical students spend less than two hours of class time on nutrition.
  3. I've reduced processed foods, dairy, and soy. Started taking a flax seed oil supplement, green smoothies every morning, home-made yogurt(one thing of dairy I do eat regularly). Stopped using all harsh products on my face(just using spectro once a day). http://www.thelovevitamin.com was created by an acne.org user, it's a blog about holistic acne treatment, I'd recommend it to anyone.
  4. Some people care more about their health than how they look. I've gotten around 99% clear just by changing my diet, I refused Accutane before I changed it.
  5. You can make homemade yogurt using almond milk(you'd have to use some storebought yogurt or bacterial cultures, but its minute amounts). It's a simple process that can be done in the slow cooker. You can make about 8 cups for $3.
  6. Bread? Have you seen an allergist to see what you're sensitive to? Not always the junk food that's hurting you.
  7. Antibiotics take around 3 months to work. And I'm gonna say something about diet anyway. You eat dairy? That contributes. Gluten? Many people it effects. Soy? Some.
  8. No way to shrink pores. Keeping your face moisturized can help reduce the look of them, but they'll always be there. Try not to worry about it, nobody's going to stare at your face up close.
  9. Pineapple is pretty sugary, doesnt seem like a great idea.
  10. I wouldn't mix them. It'll discourage you from drinking it. Make what you'll eat(Green smoothie in the morning), drink some tomato juice another morning, shot of lemon at lunch!
  11. I've heard if you must eat gluten, eat spelt. It's supposed to be more gentle or something.
  12. It depends on the side effect. Something like dry skin you can moisturize, joint pain tough out, liver damage you're stuck with. Hairloss you can wait out, and so on. Many of the minor ones will fade with time, the severe ones often stay.
  13. Not bashing it so much as warning him what COULD happen. I never had any negative experiences, because I refused to take it. ^.^
  14. crusting of skin difficulty in wearing contact lenses (may continue after treatment is stopped) dryness of eyes (may continue after treatment is stopped) dryness or itching of skin dryness of mouth or nose headache (mild) increased sensitivity of skin to sunlight peeling of skin on palms of hands or soles of feet stomach upset thinning of hair (may continue after treatment is stopped) unusual tiredness abdominal or stomach pain (severe) attempts at suicide or thoughts of suicide (usually stops
  15. I read most of this(I'm a skimmer, I admit it!) and noticed(or missed) that you didn't try anything holistic(Diet, emotions, etc). If you really don't want accutane I'd try it first, it helps your whole body, rather than harming it. And you aren't losing anything by doing a final non-traditional attempt! www.thelovevitamin.com is a website dedicated to holistic acne, started by an acne.org user. I've followed most of her changes and have been successful.