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  1. Hi all, After years of suffering, I finally went on accutane from August 2013-January 2014. I can't say it was the nicest of experiences with the side effects but it was completely worth it in the end. My skin was perfect from January up until a few weeks ago when it's got really bad again, really fast. I have an appointment to see a Doctor in a week and a half to hopefully refer me to a dermatologist so I can get a second course. Do people find that a second course tends to really get r
  2. Hi, This is the exact same thing that has happened to me. I was on accutane from August-December last year, cleared up absolutely great and only over the last few weeks has my face to started to break out like crazy. In fact, it's scary how quickly I've gone from perfect skin to bad acne :/ I've got a GP appointment next week when, hopefully, I'll be able to start the process of getting a dermatology referral all over again.
  3. Hi Jack, I've tried most treatments and, in my experience, antibiotics work great for the first time around, but your body also builds up a resistance to them fairly quickly, leading your acne to come back worse than ever afterwards. Diffierin is very effective, but it takes ages to work (I started in November 2011, it was April 2012 until I saw a noticeable difference), and the side effects were, for me, actually worse than Accutane. It really dried my skin out and I burned instantly upo In be
  4. Hi all, I haven’t posted on acne.org for a few months as now – unbelievably, incredibly, can’t-believe-I-can-actually-say-this-ly – I am 100% acne free! Wow, for so many years I looked forward to the day that I could say those words and, indeed, make this post! This wonderful site was a huge emotional aide to me during my 5 year acne journey and, now that I’m finally free, I wanted to write this quick post to hopefully encourage others who are struggling to recognise the light at the end of
  5. People have mentioned this to me before, but I've used Burt's Bees consistently for years and years, even before my acne troubles started back in '09. I've gone periods of not using it to test this theory out and, honestly, nothing changes so I really don't think this has anything to do with it. Besides, I've been doing the exact same topical regime since starting roaccutane so I can't see why it would play up now. Thanks for the advice anyway though! Sorry to hear that it didn't work for you
  6. Hey guys, I'm about 10 weeks into my accutane (or Roaccutane as it's branded here in the UK) course and I do apologise for not making a log to progress my journey - I promised to, but the thought of having to minutely study photographs of my face on a daily basis didn't seem too appealing! Anyway, I'm on Day 66 (Week 10, Day 3) at the moment and aside from a shaky first few weeks due to side-effects and the dreaded intitial breakout, things have been great. Up until a week ago I've been
  7. Thank you for the reply It's good to know that I'm not meant to be seeing results yet so I will give it a bit more time before I start to panic! I'm not too reassured by you saying that my acne will come back worse though does that always happen?! I literally couldn't cope with it coming back worse than before because before I started on this treatment it had got so bad that the cysts were making my eyes, lips and glands swell up and my whole face was constantly throbbing with pain. How many d
  8. In the past, I've taken both Oxytetracycline and Doxycycline. I started the Oxy in October '09 and I didn't clear until March 2010; similarly, the Doxycycline took me from November 2011 'til March 2012 to work. Antibiotics do eventually work, but just be prepared for your acne to eventually come back, likely worse than what it was before. The failure of Oxy to keep me clear led to me taking Doxy and, similarly, the fact that Doxy has stopped working has resulted in me going on Roaccutane from ne
  9. I've woken up this morning and my forehead has absolutely exploded in zits overnight They're the really deep, inset ones that you can't get out at the moment either and not even my usual trusty Bare Minerals is covering them up! I'm due in work in an hour, and I'm just sitting here panicking because my skin looks absolutely terrible Only 11 days until I can FINALLY, after almost 3 months of waiting, start accutane...
  10. The Men Pen is absolutely useless. It's as dry as anything, extremely low quality and next to impossible to blend in. Considering a concealer is supposed to hide marks, this just makes them more obvious. Bare Minerals Foundation is the best, even if it is marketed towards women.
  11. This is such an inspiring log to read, I'm so pleased for you - your skin is looking great now! I'm due to start roaccutane soon (3 weeks, 6 days... not that I'm counting, haha) and I now just really want to get started. It's brilliant to see how well you've progressed!
  12. There is never an ideal time to start accutane, so it's entirely up to you when you do go on it. However, if you're acne is mild, then ask yourself if you really need a drug as strong as accutane? It seems private dermatologists are more keen to give this out than NHS ones for the obvious reasons! Also, check out Bare Minerals SPF Foundation. I'm a guy and I've found that applying a thin layer is undetectable, but really helps to hide the redness of acne.
  13. I use some Bare Minerals SPF Foundation - not absolutely loads, so this may not work for people who go for full makeup. My face wash is the Burts' Bees Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream, which has never broken me out (despite it being cream based) and also removes all traces of foundation perfectly.
  14. Good luck with your course! I'm due to start in a month's time (such a long wait!), so I'll be following your progress. I also totally get what you mean about starting law school and stress: I'm just finishing up a law degree here in the UK and my acne has never been worse than it is now. Again, best of luck with the course!
  15. It's definitely very mild - in fact, I really would try not to worry about it. The skin which is surrounding the few blemishes you have looks great!