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  1. Thank you for the response. I wasn't sure if acne bacteria would respond to honey the way they do to sugar.
  2. So, I saw an esthetician yesterday for an organic facial. That was nice. She had some suggestions. She thinks that my skin is actually dry, but is over producing oil, which is why i am both oily and yet still have dry flaky spots. She said usually that is tell-tale for skin that is being stripped and unbalanced. She recommended a few things: 1) Trying atralin every other night instead of every night to see if my skin can cope better. Give that a couple weeks. I might give it lon
  3. My dermatologist just ran bloodwork for hormonal imbalances. I'll get the results on MOnday. Thanks, even though I'm not considering this anyway.
  4. So I saw an esthetician yesterday, who recommended getting refined sugars mostly out of my diet as that is basically acne-fertilizer. I can do that, I think. My question is, though, if honey is considered refined? I don't eat exorbitant amounts of honey or anything, but was just wondering if I could use it in my coffee or tea or yogurt or something. Thanks!
  5. Okay, so I need to update my regimen AGAIN. Sorry about that, but I don't feel that I owe any one thing any credit, so not a big deal in my opinion. I am having reasonable levels of success lately, like a couple of weeks of nothing serious which is not really long, but usually for me things aren't quiet for very long, usually a day or two at the max. The only thing that I can figure, and this is a HUGE hypothesis so bear with me. Remember how I was thinking fish oil might have had a negati
  6. Great to hear a success story! You look great. And my best friend growing up always had ridiculously perfect skin. Not fair. Also, my sister-in-law had some success getting her body-acne to clear up (back, upper arms, and chest) when she stopped drinking milk. ((shrug)) I know everyone is different, but just thought I'd throw that out there.
  7. Interesting. I hope it keeps working for you. A week ago about, I started using organic extra virgin coconut oil as a makeup remover as I couldn't see using it as a moisturizer and leaving it sitting on my face. I figured if I applied it, then removed most of it, I might be spared any breakouts due to it. But it seemed that within a few days I was getting a lot of clogged pores. So I chickened out and quit, and I'm still breaking out. It's so difficult to pinpoint the exact reasons for b
  8. I thought I saw it recently when I bought the foaming cleanser...I'm in the US and I was at a CVS...hmmmm...
  9. Still breaking out. Meh. It reminds me of my IB with the Diacneal although not that horrible (location and type of zit). Really wish I hadn't gotten that month long reprieve from acne. That makes it harder, ya know? When you think you've stumbled onto the way to get beautiful skin (because it was beautiful and not broken out) and then it just goes away as quick as it came. I'm trying to stay calm and not use a zillion different things, but I swear it isn't easy. I only changed my cleanser
  10. Okay, so the breakout got worse and it's still not really done yet (I don't think)...I feel that something is going on hormonally, b/c my boobs are KILLING me. Like all the time. Ugh. Not fun. I really don't think I'm pregnant. That would be a major shocker. Esp since I had a period last month. I quit using the Lancome makeup I had been trying out to see if that helps. I thought I had found a great makeup too, a foundation that I really liked. Who can say that about makeup?? Anyway, I
  11. Okay, so I have an interesting update, at least I find it interesting. Probably to y'all it sounds like grasping at straws, but hey, don't we all do that in this lovely fight against acne? So after two weeks on the clindamycin and adding the tiny little drop of BP, I was all itchy under my neck, where I didn't even put the BP and my skin got all dried out and scaly. Yeah, so I only did that once. I am not dealing with that again. So I thought, what the heck, let me start doing the Clariso
  12. I don't think so. I always use spf 50 on my face, though, so even if it did, I wouldn't have had any issues probably while I used it (the whole two weeks).
  13. Hmmmm, wondering if I should switch to retin-a. I guess the original might be the best bet in this situation.
  14. Okay, so I've been STILL breaking out. Location-wise, it's definitely hormonal, but I don't even see real rhythm with my cycle. Sometime I break out pre-period, sometimes post, sometimes around ovulation, etc, etc... I saw the dermatologist's PA (first time with him) about two weeks ago, and although I was relatively clear with nothing inflammatory going on at that time (as is always the case when I see the derm), I complained and he gave me some suggestions. One suggestion he had was adding
  15. Interesting. I started switching from diacneal to atralin almost a year ago, I think, and I am over 25 (31). I haven't had the great results that you have, although I have had essentially no irritation. I had an IB from the diacneal and was very slow to switch over the atralin, so I think that may have prevented an additional IB. I know my acne is hormonal b/c of location, etc, and it would have been nice to have results like you. I didn't read all that, I skimmed it, but what I did skim se