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  1. I've had a recent bout with cystic acne. I've tried everything, from ice to heat...from salicyclic acid to BP and didn't have any success getting it to come to a head or dry out. Nothing worked better than a plain uncoated aspirin mask. Now when I say mask, I don't mean all over the face, just a spot treatment on the cyst. Left it on for a couple of hours and it brought one of them to a head, and the next day it popped on its own and within a few days it was flat. The other one it dried out and
  2. Bumping with pictures kinda half-ass shaved real quick to get a better view of it in the first picture, but to no avail. This one just began, so it's hard to really make it out in a picture till it gets bigger and inflamed, so I included a second picture of what it turns into..and what I'm currently trying to get rid of on the other side of my face. I can even see another one on my jawline that will be coming in probably in the next week or so. Please, any help on what the these things ar
  3. Long story short, I've been getting some of these small, non-inflamed skin colored bumps recently. No head, no pus, nothing I could ever pop even if I wanted to, and they usually form around my cheeks. I've spent hours looking around and still cant figure out whether or not they are left over from previous acne, milia, comedones, or even maybe folliculitis. They aren't real noticeable at first since they aren't inflamed, but it seems if I leave them alone, they slowly grow bigger over time. Seei
  4. Hey guys, I've been lurking here for a few weeks now and thought it would be a good time to introduce myself and get some help with papules. Before I get into my issue, id like to say a little about myself and what i do to help fight my acne. I'm 24 years old, and been dealing with acne since I was in high school. My acne seems to be more hormonal than anything, my dad had it when he was my age just as bad. It was so bad after high school that I ended up going on Accutaine and that eventually c