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  1. I am currently on my last dose of accutane. I am taking 60 mg a day. My skin has been completely clear for about 2 months. My skin will get dry if I don't apply lotion a couple times every day, but it has become a habit so dry skin hasn't been too much of an issue. Same with dry lips, I never leave the house without chapstick. I can't remember what my last blogs said exactly but my regimen has not changed at all, I wash my face with neutrogena face wash, apply neutrogena toner and then usua
  2. A couple of days ago I went from taking 20 mg a day to 40 mg a day. I am 100% clear and have zero side effects. My lips aren't even dry. I still have post inflammatory marks but they are definitely fading, slowly, but fading. I don't know how sun sensitive I am since I don't want to take any chances and have been wearing spf 50 every time I go outside. I work outside pretty much every day and sometimes I will be out in the sun by the water for 6 hours at a time. I usually reapply sunblock o
  3. I am about 95% clear. My skin hasn't looked this good in about 8 years. I have started to take the 20 mg everyday and I haven't had a headache in about a week. I don't appear to have too much sun sensitivity, which is a good thing since it's summer now. Everything is great!
  4. Thanks for your advice!
  5. I have been forgetting to do this every week because there isn't much to say. A week ago i started the 20 mg accutane. My doctor said to take the 20 mg pill everyday but i started out doing 20mg one day and then 10 mg the next day and so on because i had a few extra 10 mg tablets. The 20 mg started giving me headaches again so i have been only taking them every other day. The headaches go away when I take ibuprofen, so i doubt they are serious, but they are very annoying. In a few days I wi
  6. I forgot to do this last week and then just decided to skip a post. I have now been on 10 mg of accutane everyday for two weeks and on Bactrim. last week I had a little bit of a breakout but nothing unmanageable, and it's already mostly gone. Some blackheads have returned but no where near as severe as before with the 20 mg a day. My skin is still better then it was before starting accutane. My regimen is the same as whenever I last stated it. A few days ago I went from taking the Bactr
  7. I have just started taking 10 mg Accutane everyday instead of every other day. My lips are now starting to become dry. The rash on my chest and arms completely went away. I haven't had a new pimple in at least a week or maybe longer. I can't say if that's due to the Accutane or the Bactrim, but I don't care, my skin is finally becoming better than it was before I started Accutane. It's still early with the restarting on the 10 mg a day, but things definitely seem to be much more under contro
  8. On Thursday I started back on Accutane. I am taking 10 mg every other day....so I have only taken it twice since Thursday. Friday morning I had 2 new pimples but today I had nothing new and things seem to still be alright so far. While on 20 mg a day my symtoms included dry lips, and headaches but now on the 10 every other day I am getting a rash. It's a small bumps that is mostly on my neck and chest. some small bumps are on my hands and arms...some are even on the palms of my hands. The r
  9. I think just now the Bactrim is really starting to kick in. Everything on my face is drying up and I haven't noticed any new pimples in about a week. I have been off Accutane for about 3 weeks but my oily skin has not returned. This Tuesday I go back to the dermatologist and will go back on Accutane with either 10 mg a day or 10 mg every other day while staying on the Bactrim. Skin care regimen is still the same as it was described either last week or the one before. O guess that's about it
  10. Today was the last day of my prednisone dose. I can definitely tell the pimples I still have have been a little more inflamed since coming down off the prednisone. My skin has still been improving and recovering but still far from clear, but ever day it gets better. I really have only been on Bactrim for about a week and 5 days, but I do think it is already working. I have had zero side effects from the Bactrim. The only side effect I had while on prednisone was that I couldn't sleep, even
  11. A week after my one month appointment my acne had gotten so bad that I had to go back to my dermatologist. I had huge cysts on my face, it didn't even look like acne, it looked like something was wrong with me. My doctor took me off Accutane for 3 weeks and put me on Bactrim and Prednisone. Before that appt. she gave me 3 days of 10mg Prednisone that did absolutely nothing. My new Prednisone dose is 40mg *3 days, 30mg * 3 days, 20 mg * 3 days, annnnd 10 mg * 3 days. That was about 5 days ago
  12. Still breaking out very badly. I went to a new doctor Tuesday and she said it was probably because they started at too high of a dose. Apparently the higher the dose you start out on the more likely you are to breakout. I'm on 20 mg a day and she said I probably should have started at 10 mg a day. She said I could lower to 10 or just stay at 20 so I'm staying at 20. She gave me low dose Prednisone to help calm some of it down, but that didn't help at all. She said she could also put me on Ba
  13. Initial breakout still in full swing. It's pretty bad...pretty much any type of pimple you could have is currently on my face. I keep thinking it's slowing down but it's really hard to tell. Although I guess they do go away faster, but they don't go away over night. It looks horrible, but it's much easier to take than any normal breakout knowing that it will definitely get better soon. My skin care regimen is still the same, I cut back to just spot treating the cystic pimples with salicylic
  14. Acne is definitely getting worse. I broke out in quite a few cystic pimples. Some went away without fully coming out while others are running their full course. I have the biggest pimple I think I have ever had on my chin. I think the really little bumps I had are going away slowly. I still do not have dry skin, but my lips are still dry and I think my eyes are starting to dry out more easily and my scalp is getting drier too. I was spot treating with the salicylic acid, but spot treating jus
  15. Helpful comments are more than welcome! I will definitely give jojoba oil. Thanks for you input