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  1. I'm planning to go on a diet soon here for many reason one of which is to see if it will imporve my rosacea. I've done a lot of internets browsing and alkaline diets seem pretty popular. However, I haven't found any sort of definitive 'eat this monday, this tuesday, etc.' type of list. Anyone know of any good ones or should I just follow the basic guidelines (veggies, fish, berries, and so on) and make one up? -- I can be creative, but a model would be nice to look at first. Also, has anyone
  2. I haven't heard and tertinoin and clyndimician having an adverse impact on eachother--but that tretinoin and benzoyl peroxide can't be used together. As long as you are waiting 30 mins or so between tretinoin and clyndamician I would think you'd be OK. Personally, I was told to use clyndimician and bp in the am and tretinoin in the pm. (Sorry for mispellings..on the phone).
  3. ^ Hrm..I don't like the sound of that. I have been using the regular psoria-gold for a little over a week now. One of the days my skin got extra red and blotchy after using it but I think it was because I used way too much -- the product does contain some isopropyl alchohol which would have contributed to the irritation. I was instructed to just take a small dab and use it for half or my full face. Since doing that everything has remained normal although perhaps slightly drier than usual becau
  4. Has anyone tried Selsun Blue for Rosacea? I did a search of the forums and found a few people had tried it on their seborrheic dermatitis with some success but didn't see anyone who had tried it on rosacea. I've read online that some people claim it can help with rosacea as well, although it could be people who were confused and thought they had rosacea when they actually had seborrheic dermatitis. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks.
  5. Has anyone tried Psoria-Gold ( http://www.psoria-gold.com/ )? It was developed for psorisis but supposedly helps with rosacea as well. I have been using it for about a week and so far, if anything, the my nose and the area around it are more broken out and red than before. Has anyone had similar experiences? Is it one of those things that causes the condition to get worse before it gets better?
  6. I started getting some acne on my forehead (usually just got it on the chin/jaw area) so I started using BP wash on my forehead in the shower. Now it seems that the acne has gone away slightly but I am getting red flakey patches of skin (dermatitis). I'm think of stopping the BP to see what happens.
  7. A new dermatologist I saw suggested that I switch from tretinoin 0.1% cream to tretinoin 0.025% gel. Her reasoning is that she thinks the 0.025% gel will be just as effective and have less of a chance to clog my pores. Currently I have been using 0.01% cream for 6-8 months with moderate success-- went from having 6-7 pimples on my chin area at any given time to 2-3. Has anyone done anything similar and had success with it? I'm really hoping this won't cause any sort of breakout like what happene
  8. I'm planning to try using some green tea to see what the impacts on my skin are. Applying it topically is one of the methods I plan to use (ie. I'll brew some tea and use a cotton ball to apply it to a particular area of my face). Has anyone found any particular brands of tea that work well/better than others? Are there some I should avoid? Thanks.
  9. http://www.neopax.com/Artemis/rosacea/index.html It is pretty much an account of how someone was able to mitigate their rosacea significantly. Very specific instruction and a rather scientific account. Anyone have any feelings on this?
  10. Thanks, there is tons of really good info there. I didn't see (unless I missed it..there is A LOT and I haven't gone through all of it yet) any links to types of allergy tests I might take though? I know trying to elimination diets is a good way to go, I just wanted to take a test and just sort of know right off the bat if I'm allergic to wheat or whatever so that I can start by eliminating that, rather than taking less-calculated attempts. If that info was in there, sorry, I'll keep looking. Th
  11. I experienced the same thing after going off of Minocycline..my acne got way worse for ~6 months. Now, many years later, my dermatologist talked me into trying doxycycline. I'm about 4 months in and have had mild results but now I'm starting to get some weird break outs (like on my forehead where I am typically really clear) so now I'm getting worried the same thing is going to happen when I go off doxycycline. In regards to the food allergies, I'm think they do play some role although I haven'
  12. What food allergy test should I take? I'm a 28 year old sensitive/fair skinned male. I've had mild-moderate acne for 10+ years and have tried a variety of topical and antibiotic prescriptions with mixed results. Over the years I've noticed some things like ice cream seems to lead to increased breakouts over the following several days. So I'm thinking there is some sort of diet and or hormonal response going on. I'd like to take a food allergy test just to give me a leg up instead of having to
  13. I have been using just regular tap water for showers and to wash my face at night. Has anyone had success in improving skin (pimples, redness, etc) using reverse osmosis/bottled/etc water instead of tap water?