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  1. Hi lexib, Thank me when it cures you. Please refer to my initial post again, which now includes some more warnings about salt water. I'm still drinking salt water and no harm whatsoever, but I realize that some people's thinking and habits are different from mine.
  2. Reply to 'ashley is hxc!~*~' Date Mar 11, 2011, 04:38 PM Post 3048175 Wow. You quoted someone talking about ship-wrecked sailors, who have nothing else to drink, but salt water ?! That's a ludicrous extreme!! Of course you are going to die if you drink salt water of that amount. Use your common sense please! And yes, you could die, even if you drink much less than that, but the quantity I suggested should be rather beneficial for your body than harmful. I also told people on this forum that s
  3. Hey lexib, I don't think anything should interfere with the effects. Unless you mean salt with more salt! But anyway, try saltwater and if you don't like it, just stop. I'd recommend doing one week at least before you give up, unless you notice some changes I didn't describe. Please give me a feedback about your results. Thanks
  4. Hi lwfjsjpsvjs, I've been away for a few days, but I'm going to make sure that I check on this topic from time to time to see how people get on with this method. I'm pleased to see that you noticed some change. I know it really does taste disgusting, but can you believe it that you can actually get used to it?? When I started this forum, I was actually having a break with this cure. I went through a rough time, emotionally, dealing with some awful things, ate really bad food (put on some
  5. Hey xXAnonymousXx, You are probably right, so people better be careful. Some tend to take more than suggested thinking it may give faster results. As long as they don't take more than half(ish) teaspoon and hydrate during the day, they will be fine. You see, I'm still alive ...and must say, not health concerns whatsoever. The urge to touch your spots will go away, so don't worry about that. When there will be nothing to touch
  6. Managed to post something twice, but don't know how to delete the duplicate...
  7. My skin was not peeling when I did mine. Better be careful, although it could be part of the healing process. Does your skin below seem healthy? The peeling stopped after only a day, which is strange, but yes it seems to be a lot healthier. Yay! I really hope that my recipe will do even more for you!! When I first posted my remedy on this forum, I wasn't sure if my case was unique due to the lack of some minerals in my body. By the way, flying doesn't have a good affect on my ski
  8. Hi DireStraits, I have the same experience on the beach, but at home it didn't have the same effect on me. I used to wash my face with salt. I kept a small cup by the bathtub with salt and water in it, just enough to cover the salt. I took a pinch every time and used it as a skin scrub on my face (gently). I think it helped my skin, but wasn't aggressive enough. Also, drinking salt seems to help with my eczema, but scrubbing it on other parts of my body actually triggered a breakout. If
  9. My skin was not peeling when I did mine. Better be careful, although it could be part of the healing process. Does your skin below seem healthy?
  10. You are taking a lot!! I tried taking multivitamins with minerals, I also tried ACV (as it is, in water), but that didn't work for me. I guess it shouldn't affect the salt, but I'm NOT a medical expert! This is just something worked for me and shared it. DON'T FORGET TO HYDRATE DURING THE DAY! Minimum eight glasses of water a day.
  11. No diarrhea or vomiting. But that could happen if you put too much salt in the water! Kosher salt is not good for you. It should be sea salt, because that has important minerals in it. You should rather wait until you can get a good quality sea salt. Good luck!
  12. To capslocked: Happy to hear that my remedy had some kind or result. I had the same symptoms, so you should be OK in 2-4 weeks. When your skin clears, decrease the quantity of salt to say every other day. Indeed, the taste is... well, salty. But it doesn't seem so bad to me anymore. Don't forget to drink plenty of water too during the day! That will also help your skin and won't let salt to be too concentrated in your body. Anyway, my diet is usually quite poor in salt, so dont_do_it is probab
  13. Haha, it does if you don't follow my instructions! When I first did saltwater, I did it as a two week detox cure recommended to me by a friend of mine (like to try different natural remedies). That is 1 litre warm water with about 1 tbsp sea salt, first thing in the morning. This is indeed a laxative, definitely not recommended for longer than 1-2 weeks, and not more than once every 3 months. I suppose it did clean me up, but it also had an amazing side effect: NO ACNE!
  14. Just some more info about me to help you determine whether this cure is good for you. I am not diabetic, have no heart problems nor blood pressure problems, not even since I do this salt water cure, although people say, salt is bad for blood pressure. I do have and always had migraine headaches (hormonal). Saltwater has not changed anything. My body weight index is 24. Not very active, office worker. Salt has many other benefits, but I won't go into it. If you google 'benefits of saltwater',