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  1. thanks man and hows it working for u dam congrats and i cant wait till im in that month and im really hoping it does get better by then
  2. Sorry I havent updated I left out of city this weekend and I didnt have internet access to upload pictures and i also didnt have my camara but ill be making sure to keep updating but Day 5 - My skin started do decrease in the oiliness and my lips are getting more chapped Day 6 - My skins really starting to soothe all my pimples arent popping out they all calmed down and I havent been getting any new pimples and im really happy about that and again with my lips they been super chapped lol bu
  3. thanks man im hoping this works out for me and hopefully for u as well and about the insurance i cant recieve it because im not a citizen so i wont get approved but good thing costco charges at a low price
  4. Yeah thanks and hope it works out for u as well and yes im on the 40 mg a day
  5. Day 4 - My face started to break out more but like i had mentioned in day 3 and hopefully the worst goes away so the good can come from the med. and my lips really started to get chapped and i been using chap stick every other 15 min
  6. Day 3 - My face felt itchy and less greasy but my doctor had told me that it was going to get worst before it got good so i was expecting it and good thing its happening now and not later and my lips started to get more dry but i been using my chap stick
  7. Your going to have that beautiful face that you want I just know it I just started Accutane yesterday and I know how you feel
  8. Day 1- I had 1 big pimple on my right cheek bone decrease size and minor pimples decrease size Day 2- I felt my face less oily than average im already noticing results and its jst been the second day
  9. Well I'm going to start this update log for the reason that I want people to see the process of my Accutane (Claravis) drug and how it affects me so hopefully when I'm done with this Med. people suffering from acne will see it they are interested in taking this or not. First a little bit about me, im 17 years old I attend high school I live in CALI, NoHo and I been suffering from Acne since my late 8th grade so I think its been like about 3-4 years I started off with just a bit of acne and as t