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  1. these raised scars are such a pain in the ass!the silicone sheets seem to work for a few hrs..ill sleep with it on and when i wake up its nice and flat then a few hrs later its back again!!i just want it gone!
  2. heycharlie700,just wanted to know how ur doing with the PMD?have u seen any improvements?thanks
  3. NO ONE? well i think im going to order it anyway.ive read many reviews stating its very close to a professional microderm.i have a rasied scar on the side of my nose maybe this will help.who knows.
  4. i have a bump on the side of my nose my derm says its scar tissue from a huge cyst i had there.it suks im using silicone sheets for about 3 weeks now.it seem like when i first take the sheet off the bump looks flat then within a few hrs it lumps up again.idk what to do anymore.
  5. i was just wondering if anyone used an at home microdermabrasion machine?i was thinking about getting this one it has pretty good reviews on line.i also seen a more professional one on amazon.whatta ya think?Visit My Website
  6. i love argan oil i use it for my hair and dry skin like elbows heels n knees but never thought to use it for scars.thanks for sharing.btw i love the way it smells.
  7. i use Avalon Organics but u have to use it very lightly it really absorbs it ur skin a lil goes a long way.
  8. im so sorry you are thru a hard time i know acne suks big time.idk what u are using now but please trust me when i tell you this will calm your skin down its called Avalon Organics vitamin c gel wash and try the serum.google it.both me and my brother suffere from cystic acne i bit the bullet and took accutane which was a miracle.love u tane.but hes a chicken and his face was alot worse than mine.he finally took my advice n tried the avalon products and he face although not completely clear it
  9. fyi i order them from amazon i get a pack of 3 for 14$ in the store they r like 7 each.
  10. i use Garnier Nutritioniste Nutri Pure Detoxifying Wet Cleansing Towelettes .i love them.
  11. for some reason soda break me out every time!! unless its decaf but coffee doesnt ...i dont get it
  12. hey guys,so im going to do my second round of subcision /tca cross later this month with DR.Rapaport.Hes great by the way.so he suggested after subcision once im healed he wants to do co2 laser.but im really scared i seen pics right after the procedure and yikes it doesn't look so good.he did not sugar coat the procedure either he explained to me that i would be bandaged and bloody and red for a few weeks not in those exact words but something like that.i just wanted to know how bad is the recov
  13. yes! i mean come on whos happy when they feel like they look like shit?did i say that right??im shot!!anyway u know what i mean right?/!but we cant give up we have to be happy we are alive and breathing.there are treatments out there for acne scarring u just have to try to find the best one or three that will work for u!!ya know with this damm acne scarring theres never just one treatment!!
  14. yup that accutane for ya!well with me anyway each time my dose was upped i broke out which suked but you"ll get thru it.i was on it for a total of 7 months,maybe you will have to be on it for a month or two longer.everyone is different keep that in mind be patient and be good to ur body.good luck to you