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  2. Once the dermis is destroyed or altered, it does not, and can not regenerate. Anyone considering ipl should go to doctors that speclialize in burns before making a trip to the medisap or physician for treatments with laser. An alteration to the dermis through heat will cause 2nd and 3rd degree burns. You're epidermis may not scar or look charred, but the epidermis retains heat that feels like a strong sunburn, this heat is altering dermis tissue. Is it really worth the risk? Wish I knew then wha
  3. [you can order it off amazon or other online sites. it's the surgical scrub you need.
  4. Hi! My skin looks like yours! I think it was the lasers:(, lots of us are having skin that resembles the same post treatment...sigh. Right now I'm just using emu oil, and my derm put me on epiduo. In a few weeks I have a consult for a chemcial peel, I'll keep you posted. You're not alone, and Im 99% sure it's the laser aftermath. Nothing very much prior.
  5. Hi, I did non ablative ipl. I didn't burn, but it's severely ruined my skin. I had three treatments out of 4. I wish I would have never done it.
  6. Just in case you need support on damage done by lasers, go to the laser and support damage forum. I don't know if it will help. Regards, c
  7. I don't think you're seeing things. I've been there and done that. Google Ipl Damage and Support. I think you'll see alot of interesting information. I've been negatively affected exactly how you describe, and I know I can't tell people what to decide when it comes to lasers, I would have to say I would never even ask my worse enemy to undergo laser. I'm so so so sorry to hear you're going through this as well.
  8. I went to Carole too at SLR !!!!! My face is so much worse, I went in for a few minor blemishes and dry skin, and wish I would have never stepped foot in their door. I'm 35 and look like I'm fifty with scars all over....