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  1. god is a chimp, um or is he a chump. and if you want proof that we evolved from chimps , just take a look at your mother
  2. I would still bang her in a heartbeat, doggystyle of course so I wouldnt have to look at her zitty face
  3. I dont wash mine, no need to.
  4. 5'7' 200lbs lifting for 2 years only use protien powder(for now) Ive done steroids( testosterone, anavar, boldernone), and will do again. long cycles of testosterone broke me out. short cycle of fast acting boldenone didnt break me out. currently working sets are 260lbs for bench. max bench? never tried Oh yeh, ive used IGF also. good stuff.
  5. your totally missing the point. in order to be toned you need a low body fat. To get a low body fat you need to burn calories. WHILE LIFTING WEIGHTS you will burn more calories using lower weights higher reps, with little rest between sets. so what im saying is that it will help get that toned look because of the extra calories burned, fat loss 10-12% bodyfat is a good range. my abs appear at this range