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  1. I'm assuming this is the main problem, and I'm not sure if you can do anything about that. You might want to ask the forum at bodybuilding.com this question as well, OP. People there might have experienced the same problem. Good luck.
  2. Thanks guys! I was hoping it would help. The difference is truly amazing, and it's so nice not to be ashamed of my skin. In regards to the questions: My red marks are still fading, though they are hardly noticeable now. It's kind of weird since I have very pale skin and I always used to pick (and I scar pretty terribly on other parts of my body), but they're managed to disappear for the most part rather quickly. My skin is by no means perfect, but I am happy to say I can (sometimes) go outside
  3. "Plus do you really want to risk your health in this way. Everyone knows it has been linked to cancerous growths, even if it is a small percentage, do you really want to be putting this on you day after day.?" "i agree that bp is bad to use. Regarding your forehead thickness, does it look like scaly thickened skin? I believe you might have either eczema or seborrheic dermatitis. I think acne topicals can cause this" I love how many pseudo-experts there are on these boards.
  4. You could do the regimen in the morning after you shower and in the evening after you shower. I would just recommend not doing it too close together - give yourself at least 8 hours between applications. You could also shower and then just apply moisturizer after (or nothing, if you prefer) and do the regimen before you go to bed. But I'd suggest trying it the other way, since that way you won't ever be without BP on your face.
  5. Hey guys, glad it has helped! Don't give up on it. It's totally worth the trouble in the end!
  6. You might want to try a different moisturizer. Some moisturizers can make your skin greasy without actually giving you the moisture you need. I'm not familiar with either of those two you use, but if you can get it I would suggest Cerave Cream (http://www.drugstore.com/cerave-moisturizing-cream/qxp162034). It's non-greasy and makes your skin look matte all the while being incredibly moisturizing. If you do get it though, I'd try rubbing it into your hands and patting it onto your face rather th
  7. I thought I would make a post with some before and after photos to motivate any of you who might be getting discouraged. The Regimen is a pain in the ass when you first start it, and it can take a long time for people to see the full results. But don't give up on it! It does work, and I can't tell you how happy I am that my skin is clear! I started the Regimen about 6 months ago. I followed it religiously until about 1 1/2 months ago, when I started using it only once a day. No problems doing t
  8. Yeah, I'll take something that bleaches my hair if it clears my skin. Water doesn't clean by itself. Would you wash your body with just water? No? Then why would you wash the bacteria off your face with just water? Gross. I don't understand why there are so many naysayers to Dan's regimen on these boards, continuously perpetuating a stereotype that is nothing more than an unproven rumor. Benzoyl Peroxide has been tested to be SAFE AND EFFECTIVE and has worked for countless people to clear the
  9. I noticed this as well. I just assumed the BP was bleaching the hairs and making them reflect light more or something. It's freaking annoying. I wish it would go away! But I doubt it will. I've been on the regimen for 4 months now. Le sigh. Anyone have a solution other than, you know, waxing my face? Kinda prefer not to do that.
  10. Uh, how about putting your shirt on after you apply BP and letting it dry? You know, instead of complaining about it.
  11. Are you sleeping in make-up when you stay at your boyfriend's place? Sweating in make-up? I know that makes me break out.
  12. Ok, so I've been on the regimen for about 3 months now. 2.5 months into the regimen, my skin was no longer breaking out, no new pimples at all for at least 1.5 weeks, which wasn't normal for me. Naturally I was ecstatic. I thought it was finally getting better and hoped it would stay that way. THEN I had a really bad break out 2 weeks ago, like 10 new pimples one week, and then 10 more new pimples after those semi went away. And it hasn't stopped, I'm waking up with at least 1-2 new pimples ev
  13. If you mean is avatar, I see no reason for him to take it down. This is the internet, you can't try to hide everything that makes you uncomfortable like you do in your own life. She was talking about the quote.
  14. Yeah, they're pretty worthless if you don't listen to any of their advice. If all you want to do is go somewhere to rant, leave.