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  1. hello how are you i hope ur doing fine i have finished my third month in accutane and it made my skin better, now i am only dealing with the spots my acne left behind i hope they will fade away by time,tc

    1. @ashley: if you're ever in need of another elective, you should try anthropology. so far this class has been really interesting. unfortunately, all of my art history paper assignments have been pretty run of the mill: compare this painting with that one, this movement with that one, etc. they're not that difficult really, it's just difficult for me to write. i finally did get that one done! though the fire alarm went off in my dorm building with just an hour left in class, and on top of that my
    2. @assiraCrose: Thank you for you reply! I do have a couple of questions for you. What kind of exfoliation would you recommend for this kind of acne? I have always heard that it is good to exfoliate with facial scrubs, but I've found that the fragrances in the scrubs I've found (ie St. Ives and others like it) are extremely irritating to me. I haven't been able to find one in stores with no fragrance which is why I tried olive oil and sugar. Also is it necessary to use a toner after cleansing? I
    3. @theonlyexception: nooo no pee on the face for me haha. i just want to try being healthier and more active. i recently switched to a job where i am sitting in front of a computer for 4-6 hours at a time, which is obviously not very healthy. thank you for all the advice! and i wish you the best with accutane if you choose to take it. hopefully it'll get you all cleared up! @xgirl: that's awesome that you are clearing up! congrats and oh man i sure do wish there was a universal acne cure do you
    4. thank you very much! i hope your treatments work for you so that you will have beautiful skin :D let me know if they work for you!

      1. i've thought about just leaving my skin natural, snce my skin has been its clearest when i don't really pay attention to it. Unfortunately i'm stuck in that vicious cycle of acne + makeup to cover it up + having to wash makeup off + having to clean skin so makeup applies better, repeat repeat repeat. i know it would be better not to wear it, but i am in fluorescent about 85% of the time because of school and work, and even mild breakouts look horrible under in that lighting. maybe i should try t
      2. you know u are very pretty i hope you will have a good skin...i have the same face like yours but my derma already give me roaccutane because he dont want me to develop scars from my acne...i am on my half month already but still i have acne,,,but i think its becoming less if of any help you can use BP first then acretin ointment...then u may take multivitamins...good luck to us

        1. :[ i'm sorry the clear skin didn't stick around for you. mine was aaaaaalmost clear this summer, right before it exploded all over my cheeks. but hey, i'm working on it haha i'm guessing it's the moisturizer, since i only exfoliate about twice a week. did you like the foundation you were using? i haven't found anything i like quite yet aw, that's awesome! is it volunteer social work? also, good to know at least someone else likes art history haha it's such a small major at my school and you ca
        2. thank you both for your replies! @littleguy, i'm not sure that i'd like to try accutane or oral antibiotics. scared of doing even more damage by drying out my skin or just giving my few antibiotic-immune acne critters the biological advantage haha. birth control has proven to turn me into a psychotic monster, but that's another subject entirely.. ahah. maybe one of the topical treatments will work well. for me it's soo hard to not pop pimples but i guess i'll just have to suck it up. i don't kn
        3. heylo! sorry to butt in but i was surprised by how similar our acne is after i saw your thread in the mild to moderate acne section.. my skin was pretty clear until college, when i started getting lots of acne on my cheeks that had never been there before. i went from having nice skin to bumpy red dots on my cheeks that have persisted for the past year and a half-ish. judging from your pictures, it seems like we are having the same kind of breakouts in very similar places. anyway i don't have
        4. I'm a 19 year old college sophomore, and in high school my acne was never bad. I had a few breakouts on my chin around that time of the month, some on my forehead becuase of my hair and bad breakouts on my chest that have since cleared since I started using fragrance free body wash and laundry detergent. When I started college I started breaking out regularly on my cheeks which had never happened before. It wasn't quite so bad last year, but it was definitely noticeable. It got much better over