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  1. Im on my 5 month of accutane and it's not really working to be fair, im taking zinc at the opposite time I take my accutane dosage but I am wondering with the lack of sunlight you are not aloud to be exposed to, should I take vitamin D supplements? My Derm did say not to take A or C I think but what about the D? Any advice or experience would be much appreciated! Cheers
  2. Yepp I hated going to the gp's it wasn't until the doctor said to me you having something called acne, then I was depressed. But on the up side (if there is such a thing) it has enabled me to step back and observe everyday people and as a musician it has helped. However, now is the time I ought to be part of these everyday people.
  3. Hello i've been given accutane by my dermatoligist and I have a few queries I would like to ask: When is the best time of day to take it? I am prescribed 1 dose a day and at the moment I take it just before tea (dinner). Is there any effect having a shower only a couple of hours after? Secondly, I have my 18th coming up in just over a months time and I want to get completely 'washing machined' (drunk). My gp said not to have more than 2 beers a week but does this exclude one offs getting 'wind
  4. Recently I ordered the much talked about Aha lotion 10% from the internet and now its here I was wondering what is the most effective way of use? Should it be used once, twice a day? Should you apply to wet skin then rinse it off? Your answers will be greatly accepted