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  1. I know it's related to poor liver function, so I don't think it would be that out of the question.
  2. Hi, A blood test showed that I have a history (last 5 years at least) of high bilirubin levels. I've read that accutane can do this, and indeed I was on accutane twice in the past, but have not been on it for 3 years now. I'm just wondering if the fact that these levels are high can be contributing to my current moderate/severe acne. I know it's something I should probably try fix regardless but I'm still interested in finding out since I've been struggling to find a solution.
  3. I've read that people have been sensitive to red meat (beef and especially pork) but were fine with chicken (no skin) and fish. I'm going to try reduce red meat and replace it with fish to see what happens.
  4. I always get 7-8hrs of sleep, although I usually do go to bed late (earliest midnight). I did notice my skin was at its worst when I was stressed out at work, but even when I have nothing on my mind my acne is still at the same level as now. One other thing though, even when I'm not 'stressed' I do still feel tense. It's not something recent but has always been part of my make up. And when under stressful situations my anxiety goes through the roof. For example, I had to learn something new a
  5. I have cut out dairy, bread and soft drinks for over a year now. However, only in the last 3 months or so did I up the ante with vegetables (in terms of volume) and cut out rice which became a semi-staple after incorrectly thinking it would be good for me. I've been taking a probiotic supplement for about 3 months. The Sauerkraut is not refrigerated when purchased, but no where on the label does it say it has been pasteurized. I actually raised the question with a microbiologist at my work and h
  6. Hi everyone, I've had moderate/severe acne for 10 years. As with most people on here I've gone through the usual courses of antibiotics which included 2 stints of Roaccutane, which did nothing. I experienced improvement after changing my diet significantly. This included cutting out all soft drinks, dairy and bread. I began including a lot more vegetables and for the most part my fluids consist of mostly water and organic teas. However, this improvement is far from where I want to be. Even
  7. Ideally I would like to eat all my meals between 12pm and 5pm. I found doing this is quite distracting at work. What is the best time? Does it matter or is it just a function of the amount of time you don't eat?
  8. Intermittent fasting has been mentioned extensively and I'm not asking about that specifically. I would like to know if anyone noticed a difference in their skin by skipping dinner, in isolation to other things you may have tried. I try to be mindful that I should fast for longer periods and I do so by saving time in the morning and skipping breakfast. The upshot of that is I have lunch at 12pm, then have dinner at around 8pm (sometimes later), and then go to bed around midnight. I still h
  9. A lot of feelings thrown around here, but can we try divert it back to the original question? Sorry.
  10. I guess I'm more interested in the extent. If I was to be super happy could I be 100% clear in theory? I'm convinced that it might have some part, but 100% clear (something on that order) is what I'm trying to gain perspective on.
  11. This is very left field and I have no idea what my stance is on this, but when researching how the gut affects acne I briefly skimmed across a sentence that said our mood can influence the level of certain compounds our body generates and I began to draw analogies. Incidentally, I do suffer from a moderate level of depression and anxiety that are not necessarily caused by my acne but other elements in my life. It's hard to actually rationalize this as a reason though, since it's very difficul
  12. I started taking my first Saw P supplement today. It's actually a Saw P Complex supplement that has a bunch of other things in it (B6, Pumpkin Seed, Lycopene and Zinc). So I hope it works the same.
  13. I do as well, but I'm fairly confident that overall it is not going to help. I'm no doctor, but a personal theory is that it might just trigger an immune response as your body goes "oh crap, I have to do stuff so I don't die from this" and in the process of clearing the alcohol it clears other stuff. Again, just a half arsed theory....
  14. I also have a coated tongue and got a tongue swab to test for candida but the result ended with 'no pathogens found'.