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  1. Hi everyone

    This thread is mainly for people already taking Accutane but also for people considering taking it.

    The attached PDF document contains a compilation of answers to Accutane-related FAQs.

    !Accutane FAQs.pdf

    The following common Accutane questions are answered, with relevant figures/tables from scientific journals included:

    • What are the indications for Accutane? (Page 4)
    • How effective is Accutane? (Page 5)
    • Why is Accutane so effective? (Page 6)
    • How long does Accutane take to work? (Page 8)
    • Will I get an initial breakout from Accutane? (Page 9)
    • Should Accutane be taken with food? (Page 10)
    • Is my dose correct? (Page 11)
    • What are the common side effects of Accutane? (Page 12)
    • Will my oil return after Accutane? (Page 14)
    • Should I drink alcohol while on Accutane? (Page 15)
    • Can supplements help reduce the side effects of Accutane? (Page 16)
    • How do I pass my Accutane tests? (Page 17)
    • What drugs does Accutane interact with? (Page 18)
    • How long until Accutane is out of my system? (Page 19)
    • What is the chance of my acne returning after Accutane? (Page 20)
    • How many courses of Accutane do people normally take? (Page 21)
    • Should I use a maintenance therapy after Accutane? (Page 22)

    Hope this helps!


    !Accutane FAQs.pdf

  2. See page 11 of attachment for Accutane dose information.

    !Accutane FAQs.pdf

    There is no known interaction between caffeine (the stimulant in coffee) and Accutane; see page 18 of attachment.

    However, if Accutane makes you anxious, I would avoid drinking a lot of coffee, because caffeine can also trigger/worsen anxiety in some people.


    Good luck