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  1. Hi everyone This thread is mainly for people already taking Accutane but also for people considering taking it. The attached PDF document contains a compilation of answers to Accutane-related FAQs. !Accutane FAQs.pdf The following common Accutane questions are answered, with relevant figures/tables from scientific journals included: What are the indications for Accutane? (Page 4) How effective is Accutane? (Page 5) Why is Accutane so effective? (Page 6) How long does Accutane take to w
  2. biggs881

    Which Teas Won't Break Me Out?

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    Accutane. At Breaking Point

    See Table 2 on page 5 of attached FAQs document, plus the following graph
  4. biggs881

    Accutane. At Breaking Point

    One topic is enough thanks. To answer you question, see page 8 of attachment !Accutane FAQs.pdf
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    Accutane (Claravis)

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    Shipping Question

    Please contact customer service at support@danielkern.com or from our Contact Us page for help with any order related or shipping inquiries. For your own security, we do not have access to your order history or account information here on the message boards.
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    Pls Help Ne With My Scars

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