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  1. ya i just got my mino filled im going to pick it up now, im gonna give it a shot and stick with it for a few months cuz im pretty sure if it cleared me before itll clear me again
  2. thanks guys u helped me out, now my next question is my derm said he only wants me to try this for 1 month before he decides if i need accutane, my acne isnt horrific ive just had it for about 5 years and ive been on and off antibiotics that worked until i got off em, should i call and make the appointment for 1 month and then most likely go on accutane since what im using now isnt goin to clear me up in 1 month, or should i not make an appointment for a good 8 months and work with the mino and
  3. okay ive been on tazorac gel for about a week and a half now and im going through the innital breakout stage, my acne wasnt terrible but id get the occasional 3 pimple breakout that im trying to put an end to as well as the red marks i have all over my face from years of acne, i just today got my minocycline filled however i have a high profile job that require me to look somehwat human so i am hesitant to add in the minocyline right now because i hear it breaks you out also and i dont want to
  4. ive been on tazorac for about a week now, and i had to work my ass off every night t his week bussing tables at a busy restaurant and i sweat for about 3 hours strait when we got hit each night, ive never felt a stinging at all except for when i applly my moisturizer
  5. do u guys think if i start tazorac with the purpose cleanser itll b too harsh? i used to use it when i was trying the regimen about 2 months ago so maybe my skin is still kinda strong frmo the regimen
  6. okay i am getting minocycline in a week or two that i will be using in combination with tazorac. I wanted to start now with the tazorac so i need help coming up with a good regimen that includes: tazorac bp (5%) <- i use this cuz i have free samples from my derm purpose cleanser tazorac and bp are both leave-on creams so what would be the best way to turn this into a daily regimen
  7. ill be going on minocyline and tazorac in about a week, was just wondering if people that have experience with either of these or both has any tips on what i can do to get the best results.. for example, should i use a seperate cleanser or moisturizer?
  8. i start minocycline and tazarac next week but im breaking out real bad right now and im starting a new job in less than a week, does anyone have some over-the-counter suggestions for this upcoming week to minimize the breakouts im having before i go on the meds? should i just do a week of the regimen or maybe just washing with water and purpose soap?
  9. ok im bringing this thing back now that i have time. Since my last post I've been doing my regimen once a day, and I decided that I am going to go back to twice a day and stay commited this time around. Doing it once a day has controled the acne but i want to get rid of it so im gonna do my weekly logs again. 1/15/04 : My face is pretty much the same as it was, the red marks are very faded thanks to the vita K and arent very noticeable unless ur looking for them, but id still like to g
  10. ok i was reading some posts about good foundations and i decided to make my own since everyone has different skin, im currently on the regimen so my face is usually kinda dry and i dont get big breakouts i just get single pimples here and there, and i have a very light tone, im not pale but almost, what do you guys suggest i should get to help cover up active zits ive been using Sally Hansen Skin Equalizing Makeup but on my dry skin it looks like i have paint on my face thanks in advance
  11. and what happens when your older brother finds your yeast infection medicine
  12. ya robotrippin haha i smoke weed socially but id do it even if i didnt have acne
  13. good thread.. sometimes its impossible to not think about acne though like last night for example i saw my ex girlfriend from highschool who i h avent seen since graduation a year ago and even though ive thought about her almost every day for the past year and how id like to get back with her (im in love #-o ) i got out of the conversation last night ASAP because i hated her seeing my face now.. even though my acne isnt horrible she had to be thinking about it to herself. If i didn't have ac
  14. I actually had the same exact experience this morning, last night I was lookin at my face in the mirror and was pretty discourage with the regimen and i was thinking about taking accutane or not, but i decided im going to give the regimen a week or so more and im gonna just load my face up with bp instead of being worried about drying it out and peeling, so i did that last night and woke up this morning to see that the pimples ive been battling for about a week and a half were either completely
  15. Week 3 : 12/8/03 Monday Unfortunately my dad passed away last tuesday night and I haven't been doing the regimen at all for the past week. I don't think anyone is really reading this anyway so I'm just going to keep going with it so I can track my results. Starting tonight I'll be back on the vita k/bp regimen. Anyway, I thought i got through the week with just a few huge pimples around my mouth and chin then i looked at my face before making this post and i have a million bumps on