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  1. Nancy's Organic Yogurt is awesome. But yogurt is made by introducing bacterial cultures to milk to get it to turn into yogurt. Now, not sure if these guys are the same ones that causes acne, or has any moisturizing effects. I guess the lipids from the milk can hydrate the skin, that's why there are milk baths at fancy day spas. The best moisturizer that has always worked for me is Jojoba oil and Alba Botanicals emollient body lotion, made with real good stuff and no fragrances or dyes. Give
  2. a 15kb photo from a distance is hardly proof of the results of this treatment, especially without a 'before' picture against which to compare. thanks for the tip though. was just trying to show that my face no longer resembled a tomato. i'll upload a new close-up when i get back from my 30 mile bike ride.
  3. I'm even attaching a photo of myself so you can see. It really has done a lot!
  4. So for over a year, I used the BP treatment with clindomycin lotion and .5% Tretinoin at night. After the 2nd month, I started to notice results. I started to break out less, and I wasn't as red from the medication. Though I do believe BP increased Hyper Pigmentation on my cheeks, and some are still there today. But anyways, I continued to use this product for over a year, and I noticed that although I wasn't changing anything with my regimen, my outbreaks started to increase. Now, I can deal w
  5. I can just give you some general tips. I wouldn't go for Accutane in my opinion, you got too much to lose...even though it seems like you can afford any treatment. Don't touch your face! That means don't sleep on your side or stomach either. I know, it's really hard not too since I'm a stomach sleeper, but I got over it and I haven't had a breakout in weeks! I would talk to your doctor about doing a Benzoyl Peroxide, Clindamycin and Retinoid treatment. It's a great synergistic treatment and has
  6. Don't take Creatine again, it's just fake muscles. Any one who takes fitness seriously would laugh in your face when they hear you take supplements for muscle. Eat like a champ, and you will look like a champ. Not sure about Creatine, but I'd say you'll be fine in two weeks.
  7. that's bull. Natural sugars is what the body needs to form glucose, the fuel of the body for homeostasis. eat an apple, it's great for you and won't break you out. i eat 2 to 3 apples a day and i've only had ONE pimple this month(it's tiny too) the bad sugars is drinking a soda with 50grams of sugar in it. DON'T DRINK THAT STUFF. Only natural, unprocessed foods for you and you will be fine. Soy milk is excellent for you. But if your grocer carries hemp milk, I recommend that over soy
  8. Lol, you brag to impress. That is the only reason why people brag. Are you from a different planet? Your logic amuses me. For the love of god, listen to this guy. You shouldn't even be taking Creatine in the first place. It's just fake muscle that gives you acne. Eat like a champ and you will be built like a champ in due time.
  9. Be diligent in your efforts. I would take this as a sign that the medicine is finally working and pulling everything to the surface of the skin. Your skin WILL look bad for a while, but it will eventually get better. Keep going!
  10. >I'm not trying to impress anyone >I probably can curl more than anyone here and have a better body as well Dude, you better check yo self before you wreck yo self.
  11. just cuz your a med student doesn't mean anything ... you still dont understand how it works .. because it clearly is not that simple if you knew about sex and just how the body works in general you'd know a lot more goes on, it's been said many times in these threads i dont really need to say anything ... you pretentious **** ruin it for people who are trying to clear their skin ... now sorry if this seemed like a flaming on this guy, but he deserves it ... LOL Yes, your body will produce hor
  12. Drop dairy. Eat organic raw foods. Look for honey oats and raisins, add soy or hemp milk and a sliced apple.
  13. Lol, I work 30 hours a week and am a full time COLLEGE student and I still find time to workout 3 times a week for hour long sessions(30min weights, 30min cardio) If you are going to be pretentious, which you obviously are, at least learn that COMPOUND exercises are better than isolation(curl) exercises.
  14. Okay man, it's simple. Take a shower after you're workout. Work up a huge sweat! It doesn't matter. Just shower and put on a fresh shirt. Your bacne problems are now solved, at least from working out.
  15. I hope OP feels the same way. lightersUP, hell yeah, your name kicks ass. I will raise my lighter for you, and for OP to get out of this rump.