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  1. Thanks guys - I can't really rest at the moment though - i have a 10k run on sunday, and the football is my own team, so i can't really sit it out. I've played football, and ran 10k's, throughout my course of accutane, and it always took a bit longer to recover, but i did recover eventually. This pain and tightness just isn't going at the moment though. After this 10k, and week of football - if it still hasn't gone - i will take your advice and try to rest for a week or 2. Thanks, i'll
  2. Hi - i finished my course of accutane 8 days ago. A few days before the end of my 5 month 60mg course, i began to experience muscle soreness in my groin and lower abdomen. This has persisted, even after stopping accutane 8 days ago. I play football twice a week, and last week i could barely run, i had no acceleration in my legs at all. It felt like one of those bad dreams, where you're trying to run away from something, and your legs don't work. I am posting to ask if anyone else has experien
  3. No i'm embarrassed by them, ha! I took the before pictures for personal use, so they were when i'd just woken up. The spots have gone, just got stuff that hasn't healed yet, and one big mark from where i accidentally pushed all the skin away a couple of nights ago Silly me.
  4. Hey, i've just got 5 days to go in my course, and during my course i have experienced muscle aches and pains after playing football and long distance running. My muscles feel quite fatigued for a few days after playing sports, when they didn't before. I've maintained the belief that this will all pass and return to normal after i finish the course - and to back my belief up i thought i'd just do a spot of reading to make sure. Well i stumbled onto a bunch of horror stories about people experie
  5. Hey, i haven't been on since the end of month 2, as i wanted to just try and forget i was on it, and hope time passed quickly. I'm now 5 days away from finishing my 5 month course of 60mg. I'm quite happy with the results, in that i am barely breaking out anymore, i probably have about 2 spots right now. Things just need to start healing, which i hope they do once i stop taking the drug. I can't wait to finish now, i am sick of having to apply moisturiser every morning, then worrying if my s
  6. Well, it's been a while. I think its day 60 odd, cant be bothered looking how many days there were in Febuary, to work it out. ha! Things are still up and down, been having breakouts still, although they have calmed down this week. My only problem now is stuff just isn't healing Also, all the little bumps under my skin haven't started to go yet, this is what im most looking forward to. I really want to see how smooth my face looks without them there. Been trying not to think about it so much
  7. I know, that'd be perfect. Im always touching, picking and squeezing and all my red marks look worse right now than any actives do. If it wasn't for the red marks i'd feel fine
  8. DAY 40 I think it's day 40 anyway - decided ill do it that way instead of updating randomly week by week. I'm really up and down with it at the moment. Last week it was starting to clear up and feel quite good, but then i've started to break out again, all this week. Got some really huge ones on one side of my first, which i have, of course, stupidly picked and squeezed. Now they'll probably scar. Awesome. Sigh. Starting to think ill never have decent skin. Was reading about laser resurfacing
  9. Ok so 5 weeks are now up. Having a bit of a rough week with it this week. At the weekend i got a big spot near my chin that isn't squeezable, and in the past couple of days i have gotten a big one and a couple of little ones, in an area that had previously been clear. Usually i'd be able to ride this out pretty easily, knowing that they should stop soon - but i've got a lot of stuff going on right now, including having met an amazing girl. So it's hard to take at the moment, i just want them t
  10. Hey Sher, i wouldn't worry about it. I felt fine after drinking on friday but i am trying to limit myself to once or twice a month (working so far). Although i'm only 5 weeks in.
  11. Mine was clearing (not as much as 85%), until i went out drinking on friday, seem to have gotten a few new ones since then :( I'm holding out hope that i'll stop getting breakouts by month 3.
  12. Same here. Although I've actually told a few people, not that embarrassed about being on it. Anyway, I've drunk 4 times in the 5 weeks I've been on it and I've been fine. Not getting drunk as quickly seems to be the only change. Everyone is different though.
  13. I am very curious now because yesterday was my first time in a long time getting drunk. See I think I might have given off the wrong impression when I posted about drinking 5x a week. I do drink that much but when I drink I don't drink to get drunk, only at most buzzed. Anyways yesterday.... as bad as it sounds I took my amnesteem pill at about 730am and started to drink about 10am. (Not making an excuse for drinking that early cause I never do but it was after a funeral, we were all drinking th
  14. You're not alone Meg. I'm 23 and can't believe i've now lived with it for 10 years. I think it all but ruined my youth really. I'm just glad i'm now on acutane and hopefully will feel comfortable in my skin for the first time since i can remember. I'm nearly 5 weeks in. I'm up and down week by week so far.
  15. I'm 4 weeks and 5 days in to my course and all my side affects have practically subsided. No dry Skin and even my lips are feeling good. Joint pain after playing football is now minimal too. Anyone experience this whilst on the course ? (watch me die tomorrow or something now).