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  1. hello everyone,,,omg i cant believe i will come back here again and would like to say something.... GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats it,,,after accutane i have an unbelieveably clear and beautiful skin very noticeable that everyone is asking how i did it... but 8 months had passed now im back slowly coming back to have that bull [email protected]#Q%^%&%T skin...gosh,,, i decided to come back to my derma then you know what she gave me another course of accutane haayyyyzzzzz.....im so afraid
  2. hello everyone i am lizet and i used accutane 30 mg daily for 6 months and i already finished my therapy now i cant help it but to thank accutane for my skin today everyday somebody is asking me what have i done with my face i see a very big improvement i want to show my face before and after but how can i upload it any suggestions... just dont stop the therapy of your accutane you can see very good results on the 5th or 6th month of using it, good luck everyone! you can click on t
  3. helo everyone i have almost finished my third month of accutane and somehow i see the results already my acne is less but the scars it left behind is the bad thing i dont want actually i am still thinking to go back to my derma because i am planning to discontnue the treatment already, but i am still thinking twice i am not sure,haayyyzzz can somebody give me some advice,thanks
  4. hello how are you i hope ur doing fine i have finished my third month in accutane and it made my skin better, now i am only dealing with the spots my acne left behind i hope they will fade away by time,tc

  5. thanks and good luck also to you!

  6. sigh! here i am again getting irritated of the people asking why! then after that telling their own story that you should try this and try that! or like"what are you using?, are u putting anything on your face to remove your acne?"please do you think you are helping people like us,having this acne really sucks! hmmmmmp... ok now i am on my day 16 of tane and now i feel some difference even though i am the only one feeling it today...i see my acne are now getting dry although i still
  7. hello lara as i see u really had a very beautiful skin after taking roaccutane but me i am only taking 30 mg of roaccutane and i am on my 3rd week will it affect my skin with the dose... i hope i will have clear skin like yours thak you very much!
  8. you know u are very pretty i hope you will have a good skin...i have the same face like yours but my derma already give me roaccutane because he dont want me to develop scars from my acne...i am on my half month already but still i have acne,,,but i think its becoming less if of any help you can use BP first then acretin ointment...then u may take multivitamins...good luck to us

  9. yup today is valentines and i want to look nice so when i wake up in the morning after a warm shower i put some BP only on my acne not the whole face then after 5 minutes i put moiturizer given by my derma then few minutes after i apply concealer on my pimple marks and thanks at least i hide some of the marks on my face good thing i already pick the big ones last nyt hahahahaha ihope it will dry up soon. i saw one pimple just below my right jaw line...the 3 acne which i pick last nyt was
  10. sigh! tomorrow is valentines and everybody will be happy but not my face hahahahahah still the same my face is having the horrible acne today i picked 3 acnes with pus filled inside... it is really painful but i dont want others to see my face horrible as ever.... tomorrow dry lips and now dry eyes! hahahahahaha!!!! all i can do is laugh and hope i will succed on my journey with roaccutane... somebody please hear my scream inside....
  11. hello.. actually i named my blog pretty face after because i am praying for a pretty face after my entire course of treatment with roaccutane.. so i am on my day13 i dont feel anything better happening with me except my workamates are saying my acne is now getting less but for me still i feel its not taking effect yet... i alo pick my acne on my chin, my cheeks, my forehead...my God ifeel like i can remove my acne faster if i pick them all...i use one needle and after that put dalacin t oinm
  12. Thanks so much for the support and suggestions I will keep that in mind. So far things are going pretty good. Sorry to hear accutane didn't work out for you. But happy to hear Dan's Regimen is working hello how are you isee ur situation is like mine before i have a really great skin... then comes this @[email protected]$##[email protected]$ acne!!!! now i am also taking roaccutane i hope it works for me... hold on to it...
  13. prettyfaceafter

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    all i can say is WOW,,, please i want to have a clear skin like yours what did you do while on roaccutane did you apply anything or drink medicine together with roaccutane...actually i am on my day 11...and i am very much desperate to see the good results of roaccutane with me actually am picking my acne...did you also pick ur acne?thanks you made me happy and i want to continue my roaccutane with joy beceause i see the result in you...
  14. hello actually i am having my day 10 of roaccutane i am also experiencing dry lips and nose...also having my knee pain i dont see any improvement for my face...haayyyy....i want to have clear skin again...hope we will have in the end of our theraphy...
  15. hello everyone.... i am one of those people longing to have a beautiful crystal clear skin.... i started to have acne when i was 13 years old... i noticed that its like on and off but everytime its coming back it becomes worst... now i am already 25 but still i suffer too much... i tried everything like as all desperate people sometimes i cry out loud because i feel im the only one... i tried topical and systemic antibiotic... but all of them gave good effect at the start then later o