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  1. I know I may seem like an idiot. but it is a conscious decison smoking again, I was never addicted. I do love doing it, and however you may look down on me I don't care. I just don't want to let it go completely. 4 week sounds alright since my holiday to spain is exactly 4 weeks after I stop!
  2. I know you are going to all frown upon me, but I started my 4 month course of accutane a month ago and after hearing all these horror stories about Accutane and smoking combined causing lung cancer I decided to quit at the start my course. After my course, it will be the summer and I know for a fact I will not be able to resist the disgusting temptation. I'm aware it's very weak-minded but all I want to know how long I'd have to wait till the accutane had no effect on my lung cancer chances whil
  3. 1. I googled it basically, various forums and sites say that due to vitamin A which helps lung cancer and the combination of smoking your chances sky rocket to like 70% if it's over a prolonged period of time. 2. I was skeptical at first, but it is rather good. It's not quite the same as smoking a cigarette but it's pretty damn close. It's overall much more pleasent due to it tasting nicer and has that sort of cut throat feel when you inhale normal smoke which I like. It produces odourless vapo
  4. Just yesterday I started my cource of Accutane (or rauccotane as they call it where I live), and after learning about the effects accutane and tobacco smoking can have on your chances of lung cancer I decided to quit. To get over the cravings of cigarettes I decided to buy an e-cig which delivers your hit of nicotine through water vapour and such. I just want to know if this is any different from actually smoking tobacco in terms of how much it will increase my chances of lung cancer on Accutane