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  1. 2.5% !! when i first started i used 2.5% and 10% on spot treatments. you broke out because it's your first 4 weeks. keep going!
  2. same thing happened to me. i never break out in my forehead , after using AHA i broke out alot there. i gradually used less and less. at one time just on spot treatment. Now im off it for good. not putting that on my face again. I rather my skin take longer to get rid of scars than break out and have new scars. Everyone is different and get different results. so im sharing this with you because we might have the same reactions to the AHA. Just stop using it and see what happens.
  3. im actually on it for 1 year and a half .. i just broke out 2 weeks ago... now im clear.. the only changes i made was use AHA again and eat lots of peanut butter.... not sure which of the 2 .. but im for sure not using aha ever again on my face ... makes me break out..ill be fine with out it
  4. 4 weeks is way too soon... keep using it..youll get a few purges in the process
  5. i agree, if the regimen doesn't work for one... one should watch what they eat
  6. dont bother.. i know not everyone is the same.. but I've taken so many supplements , probiotics, omega 3s zinc biotin multivitamins etc.... I only do the regimen now.. and eat all i want, and dont take any supplements for my skin
  7. your results are incredible congrats!
  8. awesome man,.. same here around 4 months to be clear like you
  9. i had the same problem around week 4 5 and 6 ... started to break out from my forehead,which i never had before... they were small though, eventually the purging on the forehead stopped for me... you're getting there! towards better results congrats!
  10. i shape up my facial hair and always have a beard... i just put the BP right on top... ill would massage it a lil bit more so it gets well absorbed,,its working because i dont break out anymore (knocking on wood) also...idk if its in my mix but i have some redish-blondish hairs or idk if it was the bp that did that
  11. ehhh.. i wouldnt risk it.. i just started using AHA on my 4th month... didnt break me out (knocking on wood) i would stay with the BP if i were you
  12. go over some of the posts about the regimen and learn more about it... there is a lottttt of people here that are successful with the Regimen ... including me... you should give it a try and follow directions closely
  13. use a good foam or cream when shaving.. my skin doesnt get irrated, but then again i only shave once a week... and yea, i shave first so my facial hair doesnt get in the way of the BP and my skin
  14. change your white rice to brown rice and bread to 100% whole wheat