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  1. Hey there I'm on Panoxyl as well, its quite harsh stuff but it gets the job done. I use Cetaphil moisturiser which keeps the redness away, and also Jojoba oil. You can get it at Holland and Barrett for less than a tenner. The cetaphil/jojoba combination is the best think for moisturising, but it does make your skin look greasy. Might be worth giving the sunbeds a miss too! Good luck
  2. Chris135

    Can be effective for many people Didn't work for me, many people are resistent to the antibiotics Side effects caused me nausea and digestive problems Antibiotics are usually the first line of prescriptions given by GPs to acne sufferers - I got put on about half a dozen, including Doxycycline, Mynocycline, Trimothoprim, etc. Doxycycline was no better or worse than those; it just didn't work. I think about 50% of people are resistent to these antibiotics. If you have mild/moderat
    Helped keep my acne under control Works for many people Contains benzoyl peroxide and topical antibiotics Doesn't work out to expensive for UK users on the NHS No side effects Didn't keep me totally clear Before starting on the regimen, I was prescribed Duac by my GP for a year or two. It worked to keep the acne under control, but it never got rid of it fully. I also broke out quite regularly - I since realised that when I got to the end of the tube I would use less of the cr
  3. Chris135

    Cheap, easily available in the UK Does the job! Comes in a gel form, much better than creams Dries skin out and causes flakiness Bleaches hair and fabrics Living in the UK I am unable to buy Dan's BP because the P&P is so expensive. Panoxyl is probably the easiest BP gel to obtain in the UK, and its pretty cheap. Looking at the forums, users seem pretty divided and either love it or hate it. The bottom line is that it works (for me), but it is seriously drying! My advice to pe
  4. Chris135

    Fantastic moisturiser A small amount goes a long way Calms flaking and dryness Leaves your skin looking shiny This stuff is fantastic. I started the regimen using loads of Benzoyl Peroxide because I thought my skin could handle it - when the flaking and dryness got unbearable I bought a bottle of Jojoba oil and it works miracles. I use it generously before I go to bed, because using too much in the morning makes your skin really shiny. Also I think it may be helping to fade
  5. I find that gently using a facecloth every 2-3 days when washing keeps flakes at bay. I know Dan says not to because of irritation, but its worth it to keep the flaking away IMO