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  1. Okay so I was thinking about this... If we pay taxes and pay doctors money why the hell are we still not getting clear skin? It's almost ridiculous that no matter how much I go to the doctor nothing works, yet they keep getting paid.
  2. Right now I'm washing my face in the morning with cera ve hydrating cleanser, then wait like 15 min and put on acanya topical. Then at night wash again with same cleanser, then wait 15 min and put on atralin (retin a)
  3. Hey I've posted a few times on here. My doctor said I might go on accutane, but he said that a couple months ago and I'm going back in 1 month. I WANT to go on it. So what should I do to make him put me on it. My acne isn't horrible but I have slot of red marks and get pustules like once a week so it sucks. Other questions: what is the best regimen on accutane, how many times a day did you wash your face, if you've been off for a while did your acne come back, does it lessen scars on your face,
  4. Taymani55

    Before Day 1

    Hey I might be going on accutane soon as well. But I would recommend PHisoderm for sensitive skin, cera ve hydrating clenser, or aveno. Check my blog as well new to this
  5. I love your name. It made me burst out laughing, thankyou for brightening my day!

    1. Taymani55

      Week 14

      My doctor is going to put me on accutane soon but I thought it was off the market are you on the name brand "Accutane" or what?
    2. Taymani55

      Fast Metabolism and Acne

      okay so im 5'11 and 135 lbs. its not that bad because im only 16 but if i was 18 or 19 it might be a problem lol. but it seems to me there is some kind of connection because i can eat whatever i want and not gain a pound. i mean i literally try to gain weight sometimes. last year i was the same height and i started working out and got up to 150 lbs because i was benching 190. but i have to bust my ass in my workout area just to get to the right weight. i stopped working out last summer and am do
    3. Taymani55


      Haha exactly!
    4. Taymani55

      Month 5: 80 mg

      hey ! im thinking about going on accutane in a few months. i also have a new blog i just started u should check out. with your experience do you think i should go on it?
    5. Taymani55


      ok so today i had no school and i hung out with my gf. what happens next is fucked up! we were watching tv and a proactiv commercial came on, and she says i think you need to start using that. i was speechless because for the past 3 months ive been using something ten times more powerful and still no results. i just kind of laughed like i didnt hear her. so now i feel like a fucking freak! i mean it almost makes me not wanna see her until im clear.. damn. but as far as good things go.. im fixing
    6. Taymani55


      yeah dude it sucks!! just say fuck it
    7. Taymani55


      Okay guys I'm new to this and it feels effin good to get this stuff off my chest. I'm a 16 year old skater so I'm not used to talking to my buds about this stuff. I started getting acne at Christmas. I mean I used to have a couple small pimples every now and then starting in 8th grade. But now in 10th grade it got alot worse. I have 2 pustules right now, and a couple small pimples, and maybe 7 red marks that are I guess scars. It's not horrible but it's noticeably unattractive. I used to Rick th