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  1. maybe if it doesnt go away in a few days... im thinking if i should just wait a while and see what happens, or go to the derm tommorow and get it injected ASAP while its still not a fully developed cyst.
  2. its been 3 days now, yeah ive had a cystic pimple on my nose before,and i know its going to get bigger and worse, there no lump yet, but i feel pain, which means its going to get bigger. i would leave it alone , but i have a job interview this week, so im hoping a cortisone shot would remove it
  3. I have a painful cystic pimple on my nose, and i was wondering if i should get a cortisone shot for it?? Has anyone ever gotten a cortisone shot on the nose before? Im only worried about the indent it might cause. Im hoping anyone has had a cortisone shot on their nose specifically! thanks [Edited image out]
  4. HI, i wanted to know whats your guys experiences with Cortisone shots. I've read lots of of old threads on here, and most are negative on how it created indenting after the shot. Im sure there are some positive experiences and i wanted to know if there are any. I have a huge cystic pimple below my eye(thankfully its not on my cheek), and been wanting to get one this week, but im still unsure if i should or not. SO if ANYone that has gotten a cortisone shot for a large cystic pimple, please chime
  5. youre just like me. when i was low carb, high fat high protein, my skin was the best it has been in years. no cysts. barely any whiteheads, if i had a breakout, it would just go away in like 2 days. but my energy levels were so low, walking was a chore. i didnt work out, and my feet always felt cold, but my FACE WAS SOO CLEAR!!! but i just couldnt handle feeling lifeless every single day. so i started adding in little bit of carbs, and till today i still do eat carbs. but i eat less, and i worko
  6. tommorow is school!!!! and i have this big cyst / whitehead, i waited so itll turn into a whitehead, but im hesitant to pop it or not. usually i leave cyts alone, but this one has a whitehead so what should i do??? heres the pic http://i39.tinypic.com/20zbhx1.jpg
  7. fructose causes insulin resistance. fructose is immediately shuttled to the liver. while glucose is used for energy. i would focus more on starches, than fruit. glucose in general.
  8. First of all you need to quit smoking. Period. and cheating with cheeseburgers definately doesnt help at all. Also try to explain what you eat on a daily basis. Also it seems like you took antibiotics for a longggg time, which couldve really messedup up your gut health. Im not an expert on healing the gut, but you should look into a candida diet. I dont know if you have candida or not, but itll definately help overall. Heres a website that is really good http://www.healingnaturallybybee.com.
  9. i take opti zinc, 5000ui vita min d, chromium, magnesium, and cinnamon pills after all my carb meals. And its very small amount of carbs also. i still break out. and i go for a 30min walk after my meals since its suppose to help with blood sugar. nothing works. any type of carb=acne. it doesnt seem like its my blood sugar thats causing acne, but more of just insulin being produced, no matter how much breaks me out. i can go months without breaking out a single pimple, just by eating lean meats,
  10. What are your opinions on taking low dose accutane while maintaining a healthy lifestyle?? it seems most of my acne is gone, but its persistant, and break outs usually happen in cysts on my chin. ive tried all types of foods and it just seems like the only answer is by going extremely low carb(which is unhealthy btw). when im on low carb , im basically clear, but i really cant handle the low energy and mood swings.everytime i eat a little bit of carbs (brown rice, sweet potatos, low sugar fruit
  11. sometimes, i think doing too much ''healthy'' stuff can make acne worse to be honest. i actually broke out more, when i was eating ''healthy'' by drinking lots of green juices(raw spinach,kale smooties) taking spirulina supplements, eating lots of fermented foods. i had lots of digestive issues eating fermented veggies and probiotics. and i kept breaking out in cysts usually on my chin. and i also did flushes and 3 days fasts, i always ended up feeling very weak and crap. So i just stopped
  12. The problem i have with the GI scale is that it goes out the window if consumed with fibre, protein and fats. This being the case the GI scale is next to useless as this scale was made on fasted people only eating 1 carb source at a time. So what youre saying is, if i ate the same amount of protein,fat, and fiber , and the same amount of carb source being a high glycemic index food such as white bread, my insulin wouldnt spike as much as if i ate the same amount of low glycemic carbs such as
  13. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!!!! sometimes you need to enjoy life and just eat what you want. yes you might break out a little bit, but eat a little healthier that week, to make it up. i pretty much eat very healthy everyday of the week except saturday. thats my cheat day. ill go out with friends and go to all you can eat buffets, and just pig out, and i wont feel guilty at all. you shouldnt stress out over it. yes i might break out just a little bit, but itll heal the next week, because i eat health
  14. .. eating honey would break me out more than help me because of the sugars and insulin spikes... but i know for sure manuka honey or raw honey is very good topically on the face, since it has glycolic acid(sugar) which can help exfoliate and heal scars . and it also has antibacterial properties. not sure eating honey would help acne at all.