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  1. Honestly, I know they say you shouldn't, but I pop them. I never have issues unless I try to pop one too early or something. I have attempted waiting it out, spot treatments, etc., and nothing else works. They just got really nasty. If anyone does have a solution, I'd love to hear about it! Until then, I will pop!
  2. Yea it looks like a mole. I have one in the same area. From what i have heard, sometimes the removal leaves a scar that looks worse than the mole. It's very small and doesn't look abnormal on your face, so i don't think its worth it, personally, to get it removed. Your skin looks good in the picture.
  3. I only use enough to lightly cover my face, which ends up being about one pump or so. Sometimes less. I found Dan's recommendation to use more didn't benefit my face anymore than what i use now, it just made the product waste away much faster. I'm clear now, so theres proof you don't need 2 pumps. I think just use what feels right.
  4. I found it very difficult to wear in the beginning... I think i used a creamy foundation (but not liquid) and it was wearable (maybelline dream mousse, i believe??). I also stippled it on so it was fairly gentle. Be careful not to rub your face too hard with a makeup brush or anything, because that will really burn! Jojoba oil was also a godsend in the first months to stop the flakiness.
  5. I'm not sure why it isn't working.. but why is it costing you 50 dollars a month? It might be cheaper if you use cleanser and moisturizer from the drugstore. I found that after switching, not only was it cheaper, my skin improved. (i use johnsons head to toe baby wash, essentialy the same as purpose and that is very affordable here) Also, for some reason, dan's moisturizer always always burned my face when i used it.
  6. Took me 4 months to get all clear... the time actually goes by relatively fast, even though it seems like such a long time. The hardest part for me was between month 1 and month 2, which is probably what your at. That's when i thought of quitting it, but now I'm sure glad i didn't! Try and stick it out! It is sooooooo worth it!!! I mean, i still have red marks, but they get a little lighter every day... can't ask for much more.
  7. weeweewee

    Month 4

    It's been a long haul.. buttt....... I ONLY HAVE 1 ZIT RIGHT NOW! 1 ZIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i haven't worn makeup (skin, i still wear eye makeup) in weeks, and that defiently has made a difference! The 4 months actually went by fast.. so pleased.. If your struggling with the DK regimen... just stick it out! most will have results!
  8. So i didn't wear any makeup today and felt amazing! Like i didn't look much different then i do with makeup. Hopefully, this will help me get to that 100% clear point if i don't wear it all the time. I feel so liberated! Going to all these public places bare faced! haha. I also just finished my 1st tube of BP, so i am reeeally hoping that the next one comes in the mail soon. I really don't want to skip a day when things are going so well.. Thats all for now.
  9. I was wanting to get a spray tan for an event, but wasn't sure how it would work with the regimen. I have been on the regimen for 3 1/2 months as a side note. Does the face area fade really quickly? Does it cause breakouts? If anyone could give me some advice, that would be great.
  10. weeweewee

    Month 3

    So i believe im starting on the 3rd month now of the regimen. What can i say- wow. My forehead and chin are completley clear. I am periodically getting zits on my cheeks, but not nearly as much as i used to. I am really pleased. I didn't feel like i was making alot of progress until i switched my cleanser to purpose and moisturizer to cetaphil. That made such a HUGE difference. From now on, i am just going to buy the BP from Dan. I am just so happy! Soon i think i will be 100% clear! I had to
  12. i read this article on msn or something a year or two ago with speculations that some types of sunblock, since it is a chemical ingredient, may cause cancer just as much as the sun. Its a far fetched idea, but something to think about.
  13. I used it over the summer, it was fine but so not worth how much it costed.
  14. Wow. I feel so much better about my acne, now knowing I look like celebrites that are crack addicts.
  15. I had a weird acne breakout on my shoulder, and for an experiment i rubbed castor oil on it every night for a week and it went away! i was impressed but still not convinced to put in on my face yet. I can deal with my shoulder freaking out more than my face )