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  1. Hi guys! I'm an oldie who hasn't posted in a while. I'm Korean with medium skin (don't know the skin color type but I'm a MAC NC30 shade). I've had three Fraxel Restore procedures done, all on low mjs (15, 16, and 18). My third one was three weeks ago at 18mj with 8 passes. It was the strongest the RN would go because she was very worried I might experience hyperpigmentation. My scars are not too deep and I did not want to risk discoloration so I did not object to the low settings. Well, after
  2. I've been a member for almost two years now, though I have not posted in a while. I have been visiting every few days and I am interested to find out how the tests on the 302 protein drops will turn out. For anyone who is interested, I am not a suspicious character nor am I associated with the 302 company despite the fact that I only have 30-something posts I've been around long enough to have gone through a couple of these "hostile" phases. The first I can remember was the Pakistani lady's c
  3. Jonah, Hey, thanks for the info about glycolicondemand being on holiday. I must say you're right about my sounding so desperate. In the clear light of day, I have to laugh at myself so eager to get my hands on some really dangerous "chemical substance" 8-[ Still, I hope she comes back soon. I need my fix! [-o<
  4. Ummm... if you haven't from her either, JYuma, it must mean she is away or does not have access to the internet. I really hope that is the case because I am counting on her to get the TCA and I've already paid the money!?!
  5. Hey guys, I have a question for those who bought TCA from the seller glycolicondemand. How long did it take for you to receive the TCA? I already paid through PayPal last Wednesday and she did say it would take her a few days to get it from the company she does business with. I have emailed her twice asking her about the shipment but she has not replied at all for a couple of days. This has me a little worried because she was always so good and prompt about emailing back with answers, usually
  6. I agree with you, Maya. I think the soaps would make great "exotic" holiday gifts for my friends. I actually purchased several soaps from curryboy yesterday, a couple for myself and some for my friends. My husband seems to like the soap too. He's been using the soaps twice a day and the sample I got is dwindling down fast. Although I feel that it would take quite a while to see results and the soap alone would probably not reduce scars dramatically, I feel it is a good exfoliator and great to us
  7. Update on papaya soap: I've been using it twice a day, morning and night. Last night, I left it on until I could feel a slight tingling (above my upper lip area and cheeks). After I washed it off, I felt a slight tingling and tautness on my cheeks. No change in scars but I really don't expect to see any difference there for some time. Like any other treatment method, I think I need to put in a lot of time and patience. But I do like this soap. When you're using the papaya enzyme mask, be sure
  8. I received my sample of the papaya soap yesterday afternoon (thanks again curryboy!) and started using it last night. It has a peculiar scent, not at all a "papaya" scent - it reminds me of something but I can't put my finger on what. It lathers pretty well. I lathered the soap in my hands first, then on my face. I lathered it vigorously and left it on my face for a couple of minutes. I felt a slight tingling sensation around my mouth and, strangely, above my eyebrows. The tingling was nothing m
  9. I bought the micordermabrasion cloth from ebay a few months ago. The first time I used it, I thought "cool!". The fourth time around, I must have gotten a teeny weeny bit too aggressive. I sorta scrubbed my cheeks with it a few times (my cheeks being the most scarred part of my face) and oh my god! My cheeks turned red and a couple of days later, I had scabs forming all over the place. I mean brown scabs, the kind you used to get as a child after you fall off your bike. The scabs fell off a week
  10. Thanks curryboy! I am really looking forward to trying it out. I was thinking of bidding on ebay for the soap but I went out to dinner on Saturday night and only remembered about it after the listing was closed. Wonder who bought it? Anyway, thanks again. Will let you know when I receive it. Oh, I have started using the papaya enzyme mask from Zia and I like it. Smells yummy too. It seems to be pretty gentle (no redness or irritation) so I use it 3-4 times a week. The instructions say that it is
  11. Scorpion_Vixen, I've been using Olay Regenerist for about 10 days now. Although it's too early to see results, I really like it so far. I use a little at night after washing off the papaya enzyme mask (I am on the "papaya" regimen at the moment) and it feels matte but not too drying. I've read that it is similar to the La Mer Facial Serum but a looooot cheaper. It hasn't broken me out at all. I was using copper peptides for several months but have since stopped. I was spot-treating my scars a
  12. Oh dear. Why is it so difficult to get information about this soap? I have been doing research on the internet (thank you, grace) and there does seem to be quite a few brands out there. But, as with all things, I have a feeling not all papaya soaps are created equal and would like to at least try this soap in particular. Surely it is not that exclusive? Is there anyone out there with information?
  13. I think there are a few people besides myself who would be interested in trying this soap. We probably all have a skin/scar regimen which include various products and procedures and I think including this soap (which contains an ingredient known to be good for reducing scars) would be an inexpensive but worthwhile experiment (for, let's face it, we are all experimenting with our faces at this stage). I don't think it would interfere with other products and, being a soap, I am guessing it won't b
  14. Emu oil is great but I still have a problem with the smell. I've never thought I was the "scent-sensitive" type but I am having a hard time getting used to the emu oil smell (I have the SkinBiology one). What makes it a little better is, I dab a few drops of The Body Shop's perfume oil (the dewberry one, one of my favorites) under my nose so I smell the dewberry and not the emu oil, then I try to fall asleep as quickly as I can before the dewberry smell flies away. It is pretty idiotic but it's
  15. Thanks everyone for helping me with the emu oil "smell" question. Guess I'll just have to get used to it because I like the oil a lot. I had no idea it actually came from the bird. I wonder what part of the bird the oil comes from... :-k
  16. Hey, this is more of an emu oil question rather than copper peptide one but I hope someone can help me. I just received my first bottle of emu oil from Skin Biology and I tried it on my face. The thing is... it has a very peculiar smell. The best way to describe it is that it has rather a "funky" smell. Is it supposed to smell this way or did I just get a bad bottle? Maybe I am a bit sensitive but it really does bother me and I am thinking of wearing perfume to bed :D/ if this really is the ge
  17. I haven't had the CROSS treatment myself but I thought I would just write up a short message on what I have learned. I am actually in Korea now visiting my cousins and although I am only staying a couple of weeks, I thought I would do some research on the CROSS here, seeing as it originated from Korea. I found out that the derm who first came up with this method has several offices in Seoul (he apparently started this method in 1990 and has treated more than 3000 CROSS cases since then). I lo
  18. Elle, At Skinbiology, if you buy more than $50 worth of products, you can choose from a list of free samples. That's how I got my Super Cop. The thing is, though, the free sample does not get automatically "added to cart". You have to roll down the ordering page and come to a list of products called "Bonus Packs - One free for every $50 product purchased". (If you buy more than $100, you can get two free samples and so forth). You need to manually choose the sample you want, then it gets incl
  19. Thank you Denise2 for your advice. I'm glad to hear that this could be working to fill in my scars. I think I will cut back on the Super Cop like you did and see how that goes. I am thinking about trying the Super CP Serum. One question about the Super CP Serum, Denise2. You said you use it twice a day, morning and evening. If it is like the other copper peptide products, doesn't it make you look kinda like a smurf (blue all over)? How do you manage during the day? I am looking into lactic pe
  20. I've been using the Exfol cream + TriReduction Basic for about 3 months now and think I saw some improvement. I have medium to shallow scars (boxcar/chickenpox-types and some ice-picks, no rolling, lots of small scarred pores). It's hard to tell whether I did see real, substantial improvement but I do think the scars look less obvious. I started incorporating Super Cop into my scar treatment about a month ago. What I do is, I take a tiny bit of Super Cop and spot treat by dabbing it into my inde
  21. Hi! I found a derm on the smoothbeam website who does smoothbeam in my area and I am going to make an appointment with her soon. I guess she will have to look at my scars first to see if I am a good candidate for smoothbeam but I have a feeling I will be (I have mostly shallow to medium scars and a couple of deep ones - the deep ones I am looking into TCA CROSS). I did a search on smoothbeam on this board and read all the posts here but I don't think I found the answers to a few questions I h
  22. dilemma


    I found this site while I was researching the dermaponge product. It is an overview of needling and while it doesn't say anything new that we don't already know, I thought it was interesting because I think this is the first time I have read about needling away from this site and from Dr Fernandes' site. It is three pages long and there is also a scar page with descriptions acne scars. http://www.tearoses.com/needle_dermabrasion.htm
  23. youknowyoureright, We all found out about the cream when dashboy read about the cream on another board and copied the original message here. The Pakistani lady posted a message about the cream and how it works on acne scars. Dashboy also posted the lady's email address and that is (probably) how Bez and a lot of us emailed her asking about the cream. I think Bez was one of the first to use the cream and that is how he/she started this thread. If you look through the second page of this thread
  24. Hey, I don't see why we need to be hostile to people who are TRYING the cream. They seem genuine enough and they are spending their own money to use the cream. They might be doing the rest of us, who are skeptical/suspicious/down right mad, a favor by letting us know if this cream is for real. If the cream doesn't do what it claims, they would be the first to say so, out of sheer anger for having spent a lot of money. Since it looks like it might take a while to see results, let's give them a ch
  25. Hi! I have been using Dermablend (the sample kit I got) and am quite happy with it. I don't weak makeup everyday so the sample is lasting a long time and a little goes a long way. The Dermablend foundation covers really well and does not make me break out. I have been applying the loose powder with a powder brush. Granted that it does get a bit messy (the sample jar is small so it is difficult to scoop the powder with the brush), using a powder brush worked fine. I don't know what the regular