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  1. did my 1st accitane course last year. it worked. i relapsed december 2010. started 2nd course 10th feb, finnish in 2 months time. i was on 80mg - 60 mg - 40mg, i am on 40mg for anothwer 2 months. i weigh 74kg's however I did weight 79kgs when I started. I have had manyyyyyyyyyyyyyy badd side effects, depression, rashes, NIGHTMARES EVERY NIGHT, serious depression, i also have felt very dizzy and spaced out like I am taking drugs or like I am stoned. overall, my skin is now clear however dr
  2. your not ugly, your beautiful, and your fucking perfect to someone, listen to Eminem - Beautiful. baby
  3. yes, I'm on 80mg and I feel spaced out and foggy as fuck :9 it is horrible. I have 7 A level exams and I am gonna fail them all
  4. exactly true. accutane basicly just does what the fuck it likes to your body. it fucks your body up. so anything abnormal that happens to you, whether it be pyschological or physical, it is accutane, ok
  5. Hi mate, just bumped into one of ur threads,

    I neeeed your knowledge, I need to know how to eat clean foods, to have healthy clear skin, but to get lots of good protein carbs and fats, any help?/ thankyou (p.s. i weight train lots, which is why m interested) thanks mate!

  6. dude, have you had bad acne in the past? Sometimes, people who have severe acne and then get clear, can not actually believe they are clear and flawless. This is because, you are what you practice. and because you have practiced for so long, being an insecure acne covered person, you esentially are (inside your head) even though, it is a fact, that you have clear skin, and you do not have marks or acne. Hope this explains why you feel like you have marks... ?
  7. I have this disorder! and I am starting a 30 day no touching face challenge, making a video on youtube every day to talk about it!!!!!!! SWEEEETTTT. check my youtube account youtube.com/MattTunechi
  8. 20 mg of accutane a week will have NO effect on your skin or oil production
  9. May I just say that I think you have beautiful eyes and hair :) Hope you get clear skin soon :D x

  10. mate, if you go three times, then in 6 years time you will have chronic back aches, arthiritis, sudden hair loss, impotency or a serious liver / bowel problem. do not go on it three times. two is fucking pushing it. you need to research the hollistic method of getting healthy skin. it will work. if you change your entire lifestyle, i.e. diet, routine, excercise, approach to life, your skin will improve. even if your acne doesnt go, your skin will improve. lots of people look to 'get rid of