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  1. Yes, its made me a little down to see whiteheads coming back, although at this stage nothing at all like before. I hope for the both of us it will pass - fingers crossed!
  2. No, I entirely agree, nice - in a way - to find a similar experience. How long before it cleared again for people? At the moment for me its like a mini-version of the intial breakout
  3. I am sorry, it does not answer your question but I was about to post the same thing. I finished 8 days ago and I am now breaking out with about 6 very small whiteheads & bumpy forehead Very furustrating after months of lovely clear skin
  4. I had the same thing at the beginning of my course, but do not worry they are drying and making their way out. After the initial few weeks of this all the blackheads were 'unplugged' from my nose and I am totally clear. I think the way I removed some of it was just cetaphil cleansing onto a cotton bud then gently massage. This way many of the the loose blackheads will come out. Stick with it my nose was full of them but now not one. I am 3 months into my course
  5. For me so far (about 3 -4 months into a 5/5 month course) the results I would say is 75:25 in favour. My skin has no spots and the awful inflammed redness has gone, leaving me with smooth skin. In turn this has given me my confidence back and removed the mental suffering I put myself through because of the acne for months before I decided to take it. That said the side effects provide facial problems in there own right. I have flakey skin on the face that is noticable and my lips are like clown
  6. After a 3 week breakout stage initially, I have had hardly any spots and the scars are healing nicely. Now however I hit month 3 (60mg a day) it is starting to bite big time. Don't get me wrong I love not having spots but my lips split around the edge and are very red and clown like, with a chellitis type ring around them. They are really burning and swollen. Also the hair is thinning quiet a lot. My hair looks long and unkept but look closer and its thin. Also the skin is really drying out on
  7. I used to apply jojoba oil twice daily but if I did this in the morning it made my face area from nose to chin a little red. Over the past month (I am on month 3 narly 4 I think) I have become VERY dry and flakey during the morning so I have gone back to twice a day. Twice with jojoba is optimum is you don't use too much,
  8. Has anybody had quite swollen whilst on accutane? It is causing Skin to continually peel and Split on the lips. What is causing Most Problem though is where the two ridges down from my nose meet the lips, this keeps blistering and peeling not giving the skin chance to heal it my be chelitis cussed by the accutane? Anybody had similar, if so how to treat it?
  9. The problem I am having is my upper lip is scaling onto my facial skin. Therefore as a little of the lip splits it impeeds onto the facial skin. Removing this leaves redness above my lip (which looks a bit like the remains of lip spots) as it is basically taking skin from my face. I wondered if anybody else has noticed this and if so how do you overcome it?
  10. My nose is drying out so much that the blackheads are poking through the surface to leave a head out of the skin, can anybody suggest a good natural way (without the obvious squeezing) to remove them without damaging the skin.
  11. Very best of luck with it! I am three weeks in. About 5 days in I started getting more spots than usual - z.B 4 at once, including ones in areas I never had (side of head, eyebrow) but these cleared up quickly and left only red marks. I hope that was my IB over. Only this week have I had really dry lips and very very dry skin.
  12. I have been on accutane for three weeks now, this week my face looks like I have put glue on it and dipped it in sand, such is the whiteness and flakes. I only wash with water and apply no moisturiser. But I just removed the dead skin using Cetaphil cleanser and applied Avene Skin Recovery Cream - it is very red but hopefully it will subside. Will be buying some jojoba and trying this tomorrow to try and combat future dryness
  13. I went to an acupuncturist once, but never again. He was a prick
  14. My lips are splitting really badly and especially on the joins. I have read that nipple cream is good to prevent the joins splitting. Has anybody tried this? Is it potentially comedogenic? Also can anybody recommend a good noncomedogenic lip balm etc that will not break me out
  15. I like Burts Bees Wax lip balm, but I have started to get small spots around my lips and it could be due to this. It is a shame as it is really rather good. I have started using Blistex Intensive moisture as a temporary subsitute until I find a good noncomedogenic lip balm, as the Blistex is thick and I would say it may cause breakouts. Does anybody know if this is any good, and if so is it non-comedogenic? http://www.boots.com/en/Nivea-Lip-Care-Essential_1417/