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  1. my viss beauty IPL machine treated my red marks on my face, i got like hyperpigmentation, and just consistant irritation i think form the acne and the lotions i have been trying for soo long, But the IPL worked like a charm, just make sure you use the acne treatment lamp [Mod Edit: URL removed - please read the Board Rules] it took away the redness some scarring i had from before, and also active acne on my face. hope that helps
  2. it definitely will help! my face was the same, i use the Viss beauty home IPL machine, its fantastic you just have to make sure you order the acne treatment lamp which is available on the website [Mod Edit: URL removed - please read the Board Rules. It took away my scarring and my active acne , i treat my face quite ofter and it keep the acne under control.
  3. my Viss beauty IPL machine ( *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. * ) took care of my scarring and for the price of the unit i definitely got my moneys worth! just make sure you order the replacement lamp that is for the Acne treatment, So fantastic, and cuts the price of the clinic in half! plus it works for body hair too, so yea definitely worth checking it out!
  4. I use my Viss Beauty IPL machine ( *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. * ) with the acne replacement lamp, it has works very well ,and i have seen a big difference in the last 3 months of using it, worked on my chest ( in-between my breast ) and on my back, as well as my face, I love it! it not only takes care of the zits i have, but treats the redness and scarring from after the acne has run it corse. I strongly recommend it!
  5. I had the same sort of markings and scarring, i use the Viss Beauty home ipl unit with the Acne treatments replacement lamp ( *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. * ) it worked soo well for me, i can zap the acne before it has become a scar, and at the same time treat my scarring that i had from before, as well use this machine for hair removal, all for 550$ im in love! i hope that helps