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  1. We all know that ice cubes can severly calm inflammation and general crappiness of large whiteheads and cysts, but it is only water. What happens if its just spreading the bacteria as it melts? I have a plan! Surely ice cubes could be made with tea tree or something antibacterial in them that when used on the pimple/cyst/whatever they killed the bacteria also. I think I might try this, but i don't use ice cubes that much, Its an idea for people that use it more regularly i think. anyway, tha
  2. hmm, does this facial actually work? or do you just breakout 3 weeks later? this sounds interesting. surely popping them causes loads of irritation.
  3. wow i really want to get on a dose like this. did u have an initial breakout? and is your face red? i'd like info on how this is affecting you, cos i think i might ask for it.
  4. I really have to reccomend the 5% Glycolic acid AHA mud face wash from lookgr8. It so great, i use it once a day, clears skin of oil etc works really well. ANd the bottle is huge!
  5. yeah this sucks. I think I got it at 13ish. I saw a kid at school looked about 11 maybe 12 at most. But I think he was a year 7 so that makes him 11. His skin was accutane worthy, i felt so sorry for him. Sometimes i feel like i just want to hand out flyers with this web address on it so people can find solutions because so many people live in the dark thinking its something they'll have to live with untill they grow out of it. But im unsure how people would react to me doing that lol.
  6. yeah, i was actually just using SA as an example of something i've used in the past and become immune to its effects. that was unclear, sorry. I'm using a 5% glycolic acid wash and a 10% glycolic acid gel to spot treat. have you ever heard of a breakout after putting stuff like this into dans regimen? and if people have ever become immune to the effects of it?
  7. "pop" is the wrong word. you should release pressure on a spot but getting rid of white stuff if its at a head. STOP right away. the yellow gunk is not all bad and you will be squeezing good bacteria thats fighting the acneas well. Just remove whitenes with a needle or whatever, and cover it over with something anti-bacterial. i use bp. thats the best. never apply too much pressure. do not make it red.
  8. hmmmm, this guy is truely at the top echelon of intelligence.......gimme a break
  9. i see. I dunno im just desperate for a solution, and im doing ok, but I'd like really clear skin by the time i got to university, this seemed like a good idea. but i don't have really oily skin so its probably not available to me. basically i want the accutane without the bloodtests/redness lol.
  10. Im following dans regimen quite closely, but using an AHA 5% mud cleanser in the evening and using an AHA gel in the daytime to spot treat. at the moment this appears to be working, but as with lots of things, espically SA, I fear I will get immune to its effects and i'll just breakout again, even if the bp generally keeps things under control. I have a summer ball in 2-3 weeks and im shit scared i'll have a huge breakout, has anyone experienced anything like this with AHA? i've been using the g
  11. Hey people, I've been trying to get over acne for a while now and I was on mino for over a year and i think it made it worse. Since then i've been on the regimen but adapting it with different face washes/ spot treatments and it seems to be improving. but I always end up having a really annoying breakout. my acne is clearly very persistant and although its improving, its annoying to use all the topicals. Theres a thread on these boards somewhere from a guy called Anthony who has picked up inf
  12. i would think a mud mask would be fine, it clears the pores.what are the ingredients?
  13. those strips are great on the nose, you can get them for other parts, but warning, they broke me out im sure. steam your face then use a wash. and use glycolic acid (aha), not salicyclic acid (bha), aha's work better at getting them out. never try n force them unless they are poking out, you'll just irritate.
  14. www.lookgr8.co.uk have good aha/bha products, i got stuff from there. as for body washes i tend to just use a quinoderm shower gel with salicyclic acid (which is a bha)
  15. its pissing me off as well. i think they should get sued! its just the beverly hills cop theme tune with the noise ripped off the internet! they even called it Axel F. they are asking for trouble!