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  1. Hey lady! I'm doing great. Haven't had any side effects! My face is completely clear. It's such a good feeling! I'm going to continue taking the clarvis until they no longer prescribe it. Can't wait to take care of the scarring, though, it's not as bad as I thought it would be!

  2. You ok? How's it going? Hope it's going well for you!

  3. thecat25

    Day 45

    Hey girl! I know, im a horrible blogger. Everything has been going really well. As we're approaching summer, life is getting more and more hectic. Are you still dealing with the rashy patches? I went to the derm on Monday and she prescribed a cream, it was cheap even wo insurance. It's called triamcinolone 0.1% cream. It was 40.00 for a 1 lb tub. It works wonders. My legs were so horrible, I almost stopped the accutane all together. Since Monday my legs look awesome and most of all they don't it
  4. thecat25

    Day 45

    Happy Easter! No new zits. Tons of red spots... so nothing has changed. Just wanted to say happy Easter to everyone.
  5. thecat25

    Day 44

    Hey guys! I'll bet you thought I vanished from the Earth... nope, still here and doing well. I feel so good after I started the 60mg (30 mg x2/day) I haven't had any headaches, no muscle aches, no joint aches, really no side effects at all. My face is basically clear. It feels so smooth. The huge cyst (I think I spoke of in the last blog, however I can't be completely positive) has died.... in the worst fashon ever. I won't go into details, but it was pretty gross. Glad it's gone tho
  6. Girl! Me too! I'm exhausted at about 1-2. It's getting old. I'm super tired now, in fact I started a blog but I'm too tired to finish it. Glad to hear that you're doing well!
  7. Hey girl! I got my 60mg script on Friday. Walmart didn't have the 30mg packs so I went to Walgreens. On the receipt it shows how much the meds were before insurance and it totaled 688.85... better than 800. I just I'd share because that's a ton of money. ALSO after watching that TLC show about the couponing (althought it's crazy and I'd never ACTUALLY do it) I was curious to see what kind of coupons they had online; I happen to stumble upon coupons.com and I saw a coupon for up to 75% off a pre
  8. thecat25

    Day 32

    I am a HORRIBLE blogger. LOL The last time I checked in was day 26, and since then I have had my second blood draw, seen the derm, AND picked up my second month prescription. Second visit to the derm: It went really great. She said that my blood work looked okay. My cholesterol did go up 10 points, but that I was still in the healthy zone. She told me to start eating foods with a lot of fiber like cheerios and oatmeal and also to make sure that I am eating a lot of veggies. I was taking 40
  9. I found that I have been very tired too. I go to bed at quarter to 10, sleep until 6:30, and still need a nap during the day! And the weird part is, I'm not a napper. Strange.
  10. thecat25

    Day 21

    I've learned a lot about accutane from other peoples blogs. There is so much information that the dermatologist cannot possibly give to everyone. Glad my Derm said something to me, because I used to take Tylenol like it was going out of style!
  11. Oh Hun! I'm so sorry!!! That plain sucks, the whole damn situation! Do y'all have a walmart? They carry it. Why won't yOur insurance pay for it? I'd call them. Acne is a medical condition... Sheesh! Well, I hope that never happens again and that you got your prescription and are having a better day today! Virtual hug!
  12. thecat25

    Day 26

    Wow! Good luck! Are you going to start a blog?
  13. thecat25

    Day 26

    Accutane is pretty amazing stuff. How many mgs are you on?
  14. thecat25

    Day 26

    So I'm going in for my second blood draw tomorrow. Cannot wait to be done with my first month’s supply! It's so exciting! I'll tell ya; at the beginning of this month I had I believe it was 21 zits, now I have 2! It's amazing. I feel so much better about myself. I have my confidence back, which is fantastic! Now for my complaints, minor as they may be: I am dry. My face is ALWAYS dry and in need of lotion. My eye lids are dry. The inside of my elbows is forever itchy. My calves are itch
  15. I love reading your posts! Ugh. I want a daiquiri, but my husband won't let me have anything!!! It's horrible.Have fun in new orleans!