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  1. Day 130: It has been well over 3 months since I have written in my log And so the saying that no news is good news is true. I am a week away from receiving my 6th month prescription and my skin is looking great. I have two very little whiteheads by my chin area but other than that everything is clear. I have been on the 40 mg for the last month and was on the 20 mg dose before that. It has taken my skin longer to clear up because of the low dose but my body is happy and so am I. I am
  2. Day 58: I graduate from college tomorrow and I do not have any 'fresh' pimples anywhere on my face. It got dramatically better in the last 3 weeks and I am glad to see it improving. I have a lot of red and purple marks from pre-existing pimples and cysts that will continue to go away with time...yay. I am seeing someone from Chanel tomorrow to do my makeup so it looks good for pictures. I finished with a 3.96 for my last semester in college...yeahhh buddy! I hope everyone is doing well! Mo
  3. Day 44: I am really starting to clear up! I currently do not have any 'active' pimples, but just a few 'resting' cysts that I am sure will surface with time. My red marks are starting to clearly fade and my face is looking good. I typically wash my hair 2xs a week and it has just been really dry. I have been diligent about drinking lots and lots of water and that has helped. I am hoping my face continues to clear up...only 15 days until graduation! MoLizzie
  4. Ugh, c'mon time pass more quickly! I have been using Eucerin moisturizing cream and it is so thick that I can't apply foundation or powder. Any ladies out there with some makeup and or lotion advice? I have felt that since I started I can never get my makeup straight which has been pretty frustrating for me. I have also found that my hair is drying out a ton and my scalp is super red. I am a natural blonde but I have my hair foiled to amp it up in the winter and spring especially. I hav
  5. Day 36: Ok, ok...the IB is here. A few weeks ago I thought I had my IB and boy was I wrong. I wake up with new 5 whiteheads this morning and a few big ones that I can tell are just 'brewing' under the surface waiting to plan their escape. My skin looks so ugly right now. My dermatologist had switched me up to 60 mg/day but I experienced incredible mood swings that were absolutely terrible. Let's just say my loving bf called me 'Mozilla' ha. I was bumped down to 30 mg/day for the rest of
  6. Day 30: Well, I received my second month supply of Accutane today! I am breaking out along my jaw and chin...period week...yay. Maybe I am just paranoid but my skin has a very 'rough' appearance right now that I am not too crazy about. There are a lot of whiteheads and blackheads that are continuing to come to the surface so I just need to be patient. It will get a lot better, it just takes time. Right now, I have a lot of red marks which my dermatologist said will take months to go away
  7. Glad to hear things are going well for you too! I am looking great from above my chin and up Now that I have gotten through my IB I dont' feel like I need to be on here that much either. I am so glad we made the choice to go on Accutane
  8. Day 21: I find out about Teach for America tomorrow...I. Can't. Wait. I finally got over the worst hangover headache of my life after drinking 2 beers on Friday. I was nauseous and spent a lot of time in the bathroom on Friday night thinking I was going to puke. Needless to say, I don't think I will be drinking for a while on Accutane. I had the headache all the way through yesterday and slept 11 hours last night. I intentionally ate completely organic yesterday with a lot of veggies and
  9. Day 19: Thank you Pink Starlett for your support I was so excited to hear that you are for education reform as well. I am pretty nervous to hear back on Monday, but either way, I will find a way to become a teacher and advocate for ed reform. We are in the middle of the greatest civil rights struggle of our generation and it really challenging, rewarding and satisfying to be apart of the fight. And yes, starting with clear beautiful skin will definitely be a HUGE plus. Thank you Perpetua
  10. Hey girly! I hope things are looking up for you My IB has started to clear up pretty considerably and I am looking forward to it only getting better from here on out. My face is drying out so much all of the sudden...how has yours been? Talk to you soon! Morgan
  11. Jimmy, I am going to ask you to keep those comments to yourself. While you may not agree, the state of my relationship is not for you to decide or judge. We are here to be supportive and mature adults; if you can be that, then I welcome your comments. However, if they are to the tune of your latest post, I again ask you to keep it to yourself. I feel sorry for you that you don't believe that a loving relationship can go the distance. No need to comment or reply back to this post. MoL
  12. Day 15: I am feeling more confident now about my skin. Last week, it really wasn't seeing the best of days; but; it looks pretty good now, a lot of the redness and marks have faded significantly and I am happy with it so far I am hoping I don't get another IB, at least not a major one anyway, but I suppose all of the 'gunk' has to get out of my face somehow so bring it on! I hear back from Teach for America a week from today (April 4th) and that is kind of stressing me out. I will be exci
  13. Hey girl, Don't get down about the IB! It will get better. I think mine is on the downward end...and I can tell you there were a couple of weeks that weren't pretty. There were a few social events that were difficult for me. But guess what? They are gone now, and no one is thinking about how my skin looked. I know the embarrassing/painful parts will pay off in the end, and they will for you, too. The next time I see those people I know they will tell me how great my skin looks, and I will be so
  14. Congrats on a move! Are you moving to be closer to the guy? I am waiting to hear if I was accepted to Teach for America...if I am that means a long-distance relationship for us. I am getting antsy! I have been really constipated, too. I got MiraLax to help get things 'moving'...I took some last night with tea and this morning I am feeling MUCH better I started my IB, too..fun, fun. On the bright side, we will be clearer sooner! Aquaphor is great but it is so greasy! I have to cover m